Monday, 13 January 2014

It's a mystery!

I don't really know how this page came about - I had a mop up page of very bright colours, can't even remember when I used these colours but was probably mopped and blotted at the time so would be paler.
Over the weeks(months?)little bits kept getting added, including the stamping which was probably done before our trip to Italy in October as I used the set Paper Artsy Lynne Perrella LPCO12 in my Italy Journal. Over the Christmas holidays I just started messing around and came up with this! The words came from my King Arthur book.

Thanks for looking, Chris


Sarah Anderson said...

There's soooo much fabulous visual texture on there, and don't you just LoVe the colour combos you get on mop up pages? Love it x

Julie Ann Lee said...

Aren't those mop ups brilliant! I love the depth of colour and with that Lynne Perrella stamp it looks wonderful! Lovely page. Julie Ann xx

butterfly said...

Glorious mopping - so worth clicking for a close-up... it's stunning with the depth in the layers. Love the words too!
Alison xx

Joanne said...

Aren't mysteries wonderful? yours is anyway.