Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I've left a fairly tidy desk behind and we are up in Carnforth again with my lovely views - there's one for you at the bottom of this post! I expect you'd rather see what's on my desk - it being Wednesday (yes, Wednesday already!)I did wonder if Julia might not be here today, as you will know if you saw her post yesterday - she was a day behind! Julia of course - the leader, the head honcho, the one who encourages us to show our all!!
So here is my table - we came up this morning then went into Kendal for lunch and a little retail therapy!
Two little items from the works - tomorrow's project(rain is forecast)
Some lace, ribbon, wool tops and some fabulous Blue Faced Leicester  fleece
dyed in glorious colours I'm going to do some needlefelting again
(dumfing if you look at Jo's Twiglet blog here)
Look what I found in TKMaxx, I love this train but there's always been something else I'd rather have, but for £7.99 why not? I also found magnetic sheets for storing metal dies for only £3.99
My whole spend for all these goodies was just over £23 (hubby also picked up an bargain Italian guide book at the bookshop down the road) We then went off to food shop at Booths and guess what - lots of reduced yummy food so we have stocked up the freezer too and with what we saved there it just about makes those goodies free(well, almost!!)

So I plan on being busy for a few days! 
As promised, here is the view as the sun was going down - no red sunset - you know the old saying!
There's a late lamb in the picture with mummy!
Thanks for looking, I'll try to visit either tonight or tomorrow, Chris 


Julie Ann Lee said...

What a coincidence! I visited our local branch today! What a lot of lovely, crafty things you managed to pick up here and there! I've never seen anything like this in our TKMax!!! What a beautiful view to close your blog! No red sky sadly; but it still looks stunning for today and at least you'll have lots to keep you busy tomorrow! Julie Ann xx #45

Zue said...

I love country views.....they are addictive! The wool will be very useful and fun to create with. Not sure what the train actually is, is it a stamp?
Have fun, Chris!

Sharon Madson said...

Oh my goodness, what an enabler! I have to see if anything like this is at our stores.Love that train! :) Thanks for the peek at your space. Happy WOYWW!

Lea.H said...

Arghhh, I am so desperate for the little folding basket thingy from the works, I keep picking that one and the flowery one up every time I am in the local one. I think it is so cute, I want it for on my craft desk when I eventually get my craft room, but have nowhere to store it at the moment. What will you keep in yours? Maybe I should sneak up and get one! Lx

glitterandglue said...

Useful place, the Works, isn't it? Often has some quite unusual things in there - fun to mooch round. Have enormous fun dumfing!! Looking forward to seeing what you make.
Have a great time up there in Cumbria.
Margaret #70

Christine said...

Carnforth!!!! Wonderful!
We have been out Newark way today - visiting a Japanese Garden and then discovered an Aircraft Museum - travelling round such wonderful English countryside, being a City girl makes me appreciate it.
I shall have to visit TMaxx, thought it was just clothes.
Have fun and stay warm
Bishopsmate #75

April Story said...

Don't you just love a bargain? Your picture of the sunset is beautiful.
April #115

Nan G said...

Great bargain shopping! Ok, dumflings have to go back and read up on that again. Lovely view. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

ike said...

What a fantastic train stamp set and such a bargain price. !!! Good deal on the food too - you had a really good day of bargains :-D Great photo :-)
Thank you for letting me snoop today :-D

IKE in Grecce #49 xxx

Alison Wade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Fab crafty stash shopping. I have got one of those mini chests from The Works. I must go back to TK Maxx sometime. Haven't seen anything as good in our local one, but worth a try. Ali x #63

Lindsay Mason said...

Great shot of the fabulous views - lucky you! Great bargains too...there's nothing so satisfying as picking up those really good reductions! Glad you have lots to keep you busy indoors as it looks like it's going to be throwing it down all day again today...rats! Lindsay x x

Ria Gall said...

well you are a lady that knows how to shop and what lovely pieces you got. The stamps will make some great men's cards.
Thank you for sharing the view it is stunning I do love the countryside and we have so many beautiful places in England
Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
Ria #61

butterfly said...

Wow - what a haul... sounds like a fabulous bargain shopping trip, food, TH stamps and all! Looking forward to seeing what becomes of that adorable little chest... and awaiting the dumfing with interest.
Alison xx

Neet said...

Glorious view - thanks for sharing - and those bargain goodies - so envious.
Hugs, Neet 30 xx