Wednesday, 4 September 2013


If you want to know what the title of this blog means then go here to Julia's blog and all will be explained.
Okay so now you know I'll show you where I'm working playing for the next few days.
An evening shot, we came up at lunch time then went out for the afternoon. A lovely walk along Morecambe prom, enjoying the last of the Summer sunshine. Autumn is well and truly on it's way.

On my table is an experiment - I saw a punch on tv yesterday and wondered if a bit of clipping might turn my favourite lace punch into a flower punch - not yet it won't - back to the drawing board! There's also my journal with a page I'll show soon. At the back are two hearts that my granddaughter and I are playing with - left to dry from my last trip up here(which seems like ages ago) 

To think, this time last week we were getting ready for a workshop with the one and only Tim Holtz - I have already posted pictures so won't bore you here - but it was THE most fantastic day!!!

Just as I was taking a photo of my desk I realised the sun was setting.
Looking out of the door from my chair
It's going - taken through the window
It's gone - I went out on the decking to take this
So as I said earlier - Autumn is coming - in the Summer the sun sets further over to the west on the other side of the tree.
Just one of many glorious sunsets we've had this Summer
 Thanks for looking, I'd better get a move on if I'm going to visit anyone today!!


Helen said...

Hi Chris - I was saying to BJ I wish we had all worn blogging badges when we went to see Tim! There were a few people I recognised but there were so many more I missed saying hi to for real. There is always next year!!!!. Love that final sunset photo. Happy WOYWW from Helen 70

Cazzy said...

Oh no, not another one who went to the Tim Holtz thing, I am so jealous of you all!

Cazzy x #66

Julie Ann Lee said...

I love your sunset piccies! How lovely that you craft with your grand-daughter. When my daughter was little we used to spend whole afternoons drawing princesses together. Happy days! She's now getting her holiday project done before returning to Art college in September for her Fashion Degree course. Have a lovely week. Thank you so much for the earlier visit. Julie Ann x #32

Lynn McAuley said...

It looks like you have had a remarkable week: a day with Tim Holtz and these stunning sunsets!!

Wishing you a wonderful WOYWW!

Lynn #100

Annie said...

I really am a fan of lovely sky pics and yours are truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them.
A x # 49

ike said...

That's a cool idea with the punch... I might just give that a try :-) Wonderful sunset :-)
Have a great week.


IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx

Carol Yates said...

Morning Chris, lovely sunsets. Autumn is settling in, i can't believe how early my garden lights came on last night. Take care.

Zue said...

I just love those photos....could you use them in your art?....would be a shame not to!

Sue xxxx

Monique said...

Looks like you had a fabulous week =) and what a beautiful sunset!
Thanks for stopping by my desk earlier.
Happy (late) WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.
xx Monique #60

House of Bears said...

A walk along the prom sounds lovely, and your sunset photos are fab. Sorry for the late visit this week.

glitterandglue said...

A glorious sunset - we get some great ones here on the N Wales coast - isn't creation just wonderful?
Have a fabulous time "up there", enjoy crafting, and I hope you get the shape you need!
Margaret #50

butterfly said...

What a glorious sunset... and I'm also envying you the walk along the prom. Could do with some sea air! Good luck with the punching experiments (sounds very violent)...
Alison xx

April Story said...

Autumn is truly on it's way. I noticed earlier this week the sun is setting sooner. I look forward to the cold weather. The pictures of the sunset are lovely. April #22

Christine said...

What a glorious sunset! We cannot see the sunset from our house and it is one of the things I miss. My old flat's kitchen window faced west and the sunsets over the Birmingham skyline were breathtaking at times. Ah! Well! Can't have everything can we?!?! I have a garden now.........
Thanks for sharing your photos
Bishopsmate #48