Monday, 16 September 2013

New Look? Help!!!(title edit - YAY!!!!)

Well, I tried! Here is the journal page I finished today.
I've had the set with the pear on for ages and used the pear in projects in the past although I must say I use the dragonfly more! However today I decided to make a page with the intent to use it on my blog as a header! So far so good! I started(as per usual) with a mop up page - a lot of smooshed around turquoisey paints - then with addition of some stencils(Dylusions)some background stamps(TH and Artistic stamper)a Tim Christmas word and quote. The pear was stamped first with Pear Tart(Memento)-didn't show up so overstamped with black then coloured with a selection of green distress inks. So - reasonably happy with page. Then turned to pear stamp again - I've been meaning to make a little book with said pear so stamped onto some Amazon packaging - decide that this would replace my pear image at the top of my blog
 or this one?

So - off to blogger - now I don't know why, but I removed the original pear quite easily, but will it let me put on a replacement - will it? No!!
So what you see is what you get for now - I may or may not try again tomorrow, but blogger is not going to stop me watching Doc Martin, so I'll say Thanks for looking and I'm off to the tv, Chris
Yes, as you noticed I did it - won't tell you how long it took me to remember how I did it last time!  


patcrafts said...

Hi Chris, I've just been watching Doc Martin too and then come on to the PC to see what everyone is upto. I love your Pear pages especially the first on corrugated card. I am not able to blog anything I am doing at the moment as blogger still wont let me post at alL, I have tried to sort it, my husband has had a go and my grand-daughter but no luck so Anne E is going to come over this week and see if she can do anything, it's a pain.Pat xx

Zue said...

Blogger is a law unto itself....I wish you luck. I am sure you will be successful later!
I just love your packaging book. Do show us as you progress. I love hand made books as you know.i can't wait to see the result.
Have a great day!
Sue xxxx

butterfly said...

Well, I seem to have arrived with the deed successfully accomplished - I can see your gorgeous journal page and the fabulous corrugated pear taking pride of place as the header - really glorious new look!

Blogger... grr indeed, but (touching wood) it seems to be behaving a little better in the last 24 hours...
Alison xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Gorgeous spread! Wonderful background to that beautiful pear image and by the time that I go here it all seems to have worked wonderfully well with the new header! Looks fantastic, so well done on both, the page and the header that is!