Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Poitiers pics (Part 2)

Our second day in Poitiers actually saw us actually going into Poitiers (xsil and hubby live about 20 minutes away from the centre)
First stop was a shop called NOZ - a fascinating mixture of all sorts of things - some very random indeed - but mixed up in all of this, if you look hard are some real crafty treasures!

Then a short walk into town for lunch in a square right by the cathedral where Eleanor married Henry II. Afterwards we went into the cathedral which was absolutely beautiful….

….and as if that wasn't enough suddenly the organ began to fill the space with it's glorious sound - I was unexpectedly moved to tears!
Some of the original art work is still there and it was nice to see it in an unrestored state although I suppose that one day as in many other places it will be "improved".
From there we followed the blue route(there are three different coloured lines painted on the ground around the town)which led us through the mediaeval area to other churches and interesting buildings

We came to the Palais du Justice which has the original tower and inside, as you can see a beautiful hall that formed part of the original palace - it is the only original part left.  

The top picture shows the outside of the chimneys to this huge fireplace. Eleanor stayed here when the court was in Poitiers 
A fabulous day which again was filled with delights and lots of chatting.
Thanks for looking, Chris 


patcrafts said...

Chris thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos it's years and years since I was there and so had forgotten what Poitiers looks like.Pat xx

butterfly said...

It looks just wonderful... my next pilgrimage, I think...
Alison x