Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I fear it's almost too late to join in, but since I took the photo earlier here goes! I do love this opportunity to pop in and see what others are up to(I know...I'm a nosy old thing) especially since Julia is kind enough to link everyone up via her blog at The Stamping Ground!
I've been on catch up - so it's a good job that I couldn't move far at the end of last week! We came up here on Thursday but my leg was so painful I ended up going to a doctor down in the town on Friday - who told me(how very dare he!)that it was gout!!..... 
Now you've stopped laughing I'll just say that after some tablets it's a lot better and we've actually been out and about the last couple of days!
So what is on my table(acting as a desk)? I've finally got round to trying to finish my grandchildren's year books! I'm a bad Gran as these are usually handed over at New Year!
I'm actually getting on quite well, but just when I thought I'd finished this page I found something in a pound shop today that I just couldn't resist adding!
There are already butterflies on this page but a few of these lovely little nail decorations look just right in the corner!
I think they will look ok on ATC's too!
Right I'd better get a shimmy on or I'll be a proper Cinderella!
Thanks for looking, hope to get round to see you later(or tomorrow), Chris


Ria Gall said...

your desk is nice and tidy with what looks like a lovely project on it and I love your little find in the pound shop
Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
Ria #60

dix said...

Those little butterfly nail decorations are so cute and such yummy colors. Thanks for sharing. dix---

Janene McAnally said...

I know it can feel too late, but it isn't as there are people like me that like to go to the last one's on the list and leave a comment as we have all been close to the bottom at some stage :-). Sorry that your leg has been giving you trouble, hope it gets better quickly. It is hard to get all the things on your craft list finished isn't it lol, I know my list is long and then I stress at the last minute when I should have had something finished. Too many things going on in my head at times hehe. Love you little find of butterflies and they will look great on your various projects! Have a great day and happy WOYWW.
Janene #47

April Story said...

Don't you just love a bargain! April #119

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I'm later than you!! I love those little decorations and the wheel they are stored in!

Nan G said...

Oh what a great find! The itty bitty lovelies are too fab! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #98

Annie said...

Love the nail decorations....what a great idea.
A x # 39

Helen said...

Glad you're getting better!! Great idea to use the nail decorations in the year books. Have a fun week. Helen, 2

Jackie said...

It's not too late many of us catch up on Thursday great to see you scrapbooking
Jackie 15

Eliza said...

Oh those butterfies you found in the pound shop are so cute, perfect to go on the already beautiful layout.

Eliza & Yoda 102

Marit said...

Hope your leg is feeling better...such sweet, little butterflies! Don't worry, you sound like an amazing gram :) Happy crafting and happy, belated, woyww. Marit #79

Almo said...

Hi Chris, Glad you have sorted that leg out a little. Now £1 shops thats music to my ears! I will be having a mooch round for these butterflies they are lovely. Hugs Mo x

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Anoter sunny window. Love it.

Twiglet said...

Hope the gout improves - its sounds nasty. x Jo

JoZart said...

Hi Chris... what a shock having gout! Isn't it supposed to arrive through excessively "good" living"? Very painful, I'm told so poor you. Hope you've managed some rest and recuperation this week with some sunshine.
I love those butterflies, must look out for some. Did you see the accent bead range I got last week in Poundland and on the nails section too, like your butterflies.
Take care and keep on getting better, lay off the stilton and port for a while!! LOL!
Jo x

patcrafts said...

Love those butterflies. Oh poor you, I have not had gout but I understand it is very painful and nothing to do with alcohol hahaha, I hope you will be feeling better soon. Take care, Pat xx

Neet said...

Nice to see you ere but sorry to hear about the gout. I believe it is very painful. Hope it gets better, at the very least for Port Sunny.
Yes, I expect to get some sewing done on my week away - they are slave drivers and very accomplished stitchers (not like me). Often we work well into the evening finishing off.

You take care of that leg - Hugs, Neet xx
ps love your nail finds - must look out for something like that

KatzElbows said...

My dad has gout and it's agonising. I'm so glad the pills are working. And I'm definitely not laughing. Hope it continues to get better.

Happy belated WOYWW
Cheers, Rachel #24

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm not laughing over the gout, Chris. It can be the worst and my son (who is only 35) suffers from it at his young age. No fun at all!! You are a Good Gran for making them books in the first place and I love the new embellies you're going to add!! Enjoy the rest of the week and sorry I'm so late getting around. Darnell #52