Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Time to be!

Yesterday evening I had chance to catch up on some blogs that I have been seeing in miniature on my phone. One of these was Finnabair's latest post with links to a song that I hadn't heard before! Anna and some others whose work I admire have been using a song to inspire them under the heading "Music to make housework easier"! As I listened to it I could feel my own journal page coming into being! I went and gathered some bits and pieces and started to make a background
This was sort of the calm before the storm…today I woke early, couldn't get back to sleep, got up and carried on until hubby got up!
After a few chores were done I went back to it and decided that the cutting of a country scene wasn't what I wanted to use - printed off a photo that I had taken on the first day of being at our caravan when I was feeling pretty bad because of my poorly toe(the dreaded gout!)and felt a little restricted!
So this is how the page has ended up, inspired by both the song and the team's work so a huge Thank you to them!
It is in my large journal from Paperchase and I'm enjoying using this size! The quote seems to sum it up and it came from a little book that I was bought ages ago!
I am linking this to Journal Journeys
                 and Czekoczyna
Thanks for looking, Chris


Zue said...

Music while you work!
I like that:)
Your page is looking good indeed.
Changing your mind is also a good thing, shows we are thinking :)

Dawn said...

I really like the idea of the music inspiration. And I really love how your page has grown, I like the leaves particularly and such a beautiful quote. thank you for joining in with Journal Journey's it's always lovely to have you.

This month's challenge is now up if you want to have a look Dxx

butterfly said...

A really, really beautiful page, Chris... I love the colour palette, and the combination of photo and stamped images is lovely. I'd seen the song inspiration post, and Finnabair's take, but hadn't had the time to listen to the song yet... You may have just done the trick!!
Alison xx

~*~Patty S said...

Beautiful inspiration came to you helping you create a very special and inspiring page!
My husband has bouts of gout every now and then and has great relief by drinking Black Cherry juice, concentrated at first signs and then diluted as daily maintenance. It tastes quite good, we find it at the health food store.
Hope your toe is feeling much much better!
Happy Weekend to you