Sunday, 21 April 2013

I love to....doodle!

I do - really! Especially since starting doodling in my new book - Art Doodle Love! This time The prompts were....
to draw the shapes around you!
I did take this rather literally and took parts of some of the things that are around me here at the caravan!This was started last time we were here and finished while nursing my poorly leg(more of that another time!!) 
The next prompt was a doodle a day for a week and each day I just doodled what came into my head, some prompted by where we had been, some just from a random thoughts(of which I have a lot!!!)
Now, a mystery!
We have had our caravan for a few years now and started feeding the birds - at first hanging a couple of feeders from the bird table(until the Jackdaws kept unhooking them so that that fell to the ground for them to pinch)then I have to admit it's got a bit more than just a couple, hung in the hedge! Last year we bought a niger seed feeder hoping to encourage finches, we already had several Chaffinches visiting but they didn't seem to want them, however the sparrows quite liked them when everything else ran out! Since the end of March we have had a pair of Goldfinches, 
lovely to watch and photographs don't do their colours justice!
So....Friday morning a Nuthatch came to the nut feeder - I love watching these birds when we go over to Leighton Moss RSPB reserve so you can imagine my excitement - too busy jumping up and down to take a photo!
Yesterday just after lunch the Goldfinches came along with a sparrow ...except it wasn't a Sparrow, hubby was looking through the binoculars then handed them to me - as I looked I realised it wasn't a sparrow but  a beautiful Redpoll(hubby hadn't noticed), who then disappeared only to return several times
I then turned my gaze to the sparrows and was just saying about not knowing what a Siskin or a Dunnock looked like and that I probably wouldn't recognise one if I saw one, when in flew...
 this little beauty - a Siskin with a mate!!
Now the mystery is - why have I never seen them before and why haven't they come back today(the Goldfinches have become 3 or 4 times a day visitors)? Had something happened at their usual feeding station, were they lost, did they follow the goldfinches or all of these or none of these?! I can only say I really enjoyed watching them come back and to a few times yesterday and hope it's not the last time we see them!
Thanks for looking, Chris


patcrafts said...

Wonderful story re the birds really interesting. Love the doodles pat xx

Lindsay Mason said...

Lucky you...what little beauties they were and well done on the photos too. I always wonder why the birds don't stay longer at my feeders when it's a liberal source of easy food. One of life's mysteries! I did hear a cuckoo on Saturday morning which really delighted me and Thomas has not, as yet, eaten the Barn Owl (only joking...I hope!!!). Loving all your doodles too Chris.
Lindsay x x

butterfly said...

I can see why you love doodling... there's such a sense of freedom and fun about your pages. And what wonderful bird pics, thanks so much for sharing them. I do hope the Siskins will return - so pretty. I'd never come across them. We have the loveliest redstarts here in CZ, and one got into the house the other day, and he waited so patiently and calmly for me to open the other doors and help him out (not like the swifts who get in a right old tizzy!
Alison x

Sarah Anderson said...

Wow Chris, what amazing birds! Malc'll be so jealous when I tell him and show him the pics!!! Doodles are coming along nicely, that book is going to look AmAzIng when you've completed it!

Sarah Anderson said...

ps just watched Roben-Marie use a gelli plate in her 21 secrets workshop - oh dear! Now I want one!!!

Dawn said...

First the birds I am 'green' we had a nuthatch and gold finch in our gdn a few yrs ago never to be seen again. but i do love that you have had all these beautiful visitors.

I also bought this book/journal I haven't started using it yet! I love where your going with it thought, such fun! Dxx

JD said...

Doodle pages are really great...I enjoyed looking at them. The pages in my journal that I purchased are still blank...but you have encouraged me to give it a try...