Friday, 11 May 2012

Couldn't resist!

Last weekend we went into Morecambe and just happened by my favourite cafe/shop - Warehouse 13!
It is like Aladin's cave, and it's much bigger now they have taken over the shop next door too! Which means a whole floor upstairs of fantastic fabrics and haberdashery and space for workshops. The ground floor has all manner of craft goodies and down in the basement is a vintage section, so I just had to spend a few pennies!!
The lace tray cloth said imperfect so...permission to cut up!!(although can you see how imperfect? - theres a slight nick by the orange rose!!)I have something in mind for the fabric and some of the buttons but it will have to go on hold for now!

 I picked up a card so you can see for yourself what I mean!!

I love Morecambe anyway but this just adds to my delight!
I won't do this often but the other week my grand daughter was looking through my buttons and beads and we made a bracelet - only thing is she wanted everything on it - if I'd had bells and whistles I'm sure they would have gone on too. Still, we had a great girly time while the men watched a film!

Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to Port Sunlight tomorrow and hoping to meet up with bloggy friends.
Thanks for looking, Chris


Nora MacPhail said...

The shop sounds fantastic!! I wouldn't be able to resist buying lots of treats for myself too.

Sue said...

What a wonderful always seem to find little gems of retailers on your my view everything is meant to be cut up:)
Have fun...well, I can see you did with the jewellery making.
So, have more fun!