Friday, 18 May 2012

Sunday Stamper on Friday!

I actually did this on Monday but slightly overtook me. I was really keen to do this as I thought I had a really good idea - The Rose and Crown - well you know, we do have our Queen's Jubilee celebration coming up! 
I have to say I really enjoyed making this at least I did up to the point where I decided to use my new (Port Sunlight treasure) Stampendous Frantage embossing powder. It gives an amazing effect but Oh My!... the mess I made!    
The glitter in it is so fine that it seems to stick to everything! How do I know this? Well, me thinking I would be clever sprinkled some without using an embossing pad and just heated from underneath - fine until the tag suddenly jumped and flicked some powder on to my uncovered dining table - oh it did look pretty!I can still see tiny bits of glitter in certain lights! 
Any way, this is my contribution to Hels' Sunday Stamper Challenge. 
So, as well as aforementioned powder I used an old Sarah's glossy tag(an old QVC purchase) and tried an experiment with Tim's new summer colours distress inks(gorgeous) - I pressed pads onto mat, spritzed, dipped the tag,lifted it out flipped it over and left the puddles to dry. Then I got to try out my new distress markers on an old Elusive Images rose - I'd read how good they were but I was still absolutely gob smacked as to how good they are(will post later)
The crown - a Tim mask, a bit of bling and sakura pen, beads ribbon and I was done! Then the tidying - I craft on my dining table so it had to be done - which took aaaaages! Note to self - put newspaper down first next time I use that lovely embossing powder!
That's all for now off to town. Thanks for looking,Chris  


Hels Sheridan said...

Fab tag Chris, not used Frantage before, I am guessing I need some now lol Thanks for joining in with the Sunday sTamper... see ya soon! x

Sarah said...

Wow, gorgeous Chris - that Frantage is amazing! Can't wait until the Hels workshop next weekend; we'll have ball. Perhaps see you at Church on Tuesday. S x