Monday, 13 June 2011

On the beach!

I had one of the best Saturdays this weekend. The weather was just as I like it - sunny but with a breeze, I had my eldest grandson and my hubby and we went to one of my favourite places - Arnside!

We watched the Trooping of the Colour before we went out. My Dad used to watch every year with a critical (ex army) eye so I thought I would give my grandson the benefit of some of the tips I'd picked up from his GGdad. While watching it occurred to me that it's no wonder tourists come to see spectacles like this, and whatever anyone says our Royal family are a great asset to our economy(jump down off soapbox -NOW!)  
We took a picnic with us which we ate as soon as we got there! While eating we watched a group of girls/women,(possibly Chinese) wading in the water, the tide had just gone out and left water in the dips. Suddenly one bent down and pulled out a huge flat fish, they all had carrier bags, which within 15 minutes were looking very full and heavy. It was fascinating to watch, so much so that I totally forgot to take photos!! We then realised that they were being watched by an older couple who came along with coolboxes into which they tipped their catch before going back for more.

We set off on our walk along the beach at this point. My grandson is a great beachcomber and spent most of his time with his head down

found a fossil(as well as seaweed, a crab shell, lots of interesting little rocks)
 He looks a bit like a waif and stray as he was cold and borrowed Granpa's fleece!
Sadly Arnside beach isn't great for beach finds as there aren't any waves to wash things up. It is good for little crabs though and he kept finding the tiniest of crabs.
While walking along we came upon a beach gallery. Someone had spent a lot of effort to create some beach art, all set out in sandy area.
There was this
and this
I can't make out what it spells, the top one spells out ARNSIDE(there were lots more but all have shadows over them DOH!)

After Arnside we called in at Leighton Moss RSPB centre.They have a great cafe, so a drink and a piece of cake was required before setting of to a hide! We were lucky to see a crested grebe nesting as well as lots of young blackheaded gulls with their parents and then in the distance a Marsh Harrier. My grandson is doing well with his bird identification and quite impressed a nearby 'proper' birdwatcher with his naming of the birds we could see. We finished by looking at the birdfeeders where he saw one of his favourites - a woodpecker!
Then it was home for tea and bed. Bless him, the little chap slept for eleven hours!
Sunday of course was a totally different day, RAIN! so it was homework then home via a pub for lunch!
Oh yes! I had a great weekend!
Off now to craft, took some stuff with me but it stayed in the bag all weekend! 
Thanks for looking, Chris.


Susan Allan said...

You really did have a fantstic weekend. I like one that includes cake!!!
Your grandson is just like me. I walk around not looking where I am going. He was lucky to find a fossil!
Such a coincidence that you love Ella.
I love Cole Porter. Howard Goodall did a tv programme about him a while back and that's how I really got to understand his skill and talent although I have always loved the music from that era. We have quite a a lot in common, don't we? Ella has the most divine voice!!!!

Best wishes
Sue xxx

patcrafts said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, my type of weekend being with grand-children and by the sea plus the cake of course.
I love your needle felting, your cards are wonderful.
AFTH isn't too far away you know, we have one regular who comes from Preston.
Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog.xx

Gez said...

What a perfect way to spend the day!
If you fancy some company going to AFTH any time I'm available!!