Monday, 20 June 2011


and little books have kept me sane while looking after hubby!(he is still quite poorly with side effects from the eye drops that have left him with a dreadful sore throat - doctor has told him not to expect to be back to work this week!)
Fortunately I had started some pages so it wasn't too hard to find time to finish them.
Decided to leave this one alone
    and all this needed was a title (or did it?)
This one was done after watching Teesha Moore on U-tube, I really enjoyed doing it......

..although this is more my style, Lindsay Mason showed this technique on an art journaling workshop way back in February - gesso over a magazine picture(this was a lady in a bra!!!)then draw in you own picture - Eleanor of Aquitaine was an amazing strong woman who was imprisoned for many years by her husband!!
I've also covered a cheap little note book from Muji that I've had for a while,

using a few scraps.
More to show but will leave till tomorrow, Adrian Edmondson on next with the last "Dales"
Thanks for looking, Chris



Susan Allan said...

The skill is knowing when to stop and I'd say you made a good decision. I love also your page with the scraps. Journaling is a fantastic occupation...looking forward to seeing more!

Sue xx

Gez said...

Beautiful artwork Chris...soooo glad you have time to blog and share your creations with us. Hope DH is soon on the mend..xx