Friday, 17 June 2011

Busy doing....

well, not crafting that's for sure, unless you count a bit of needle felting! I had plans for this week  - then hubby came home on Monday night with signs of conjunctivitis! He has been off all week and it is only just clearing up! But.. life goes on and on Tuesday I met up with a group of crafty friends at the Bean and Brush in Sale to look at what we might like to be doing together! We had a good chat and exchange of ideas and we are probably set for a crafty month or two!(and we had CAKE!!!) So decisions made we then got it into our heads to dash across Manchester to Paddy's, where we all picked up some bargains and had bacon butties too!(and me with a sick man at home - I'm a disgrace!!LOL)
Paddy is closing her shop at the end of next week and looking forward to retirement, although she will still be continuing with workshops!
On Wednesday I had my appointment with the diabetic nurse - a complete waste of time, as she was running twenty minutes late and what she told me could have easily been said over the phone - my sugar is down btw(I know - won't be if I keep eating cake!!)
I then had to deliver a friends birthday present so again abandoned hubby!
Thursday was service day for the car so I had to hie myself to Stockport and hang around (in a craft shop he!he!)until it was done! I also picked up some lovely old books including another very old dictionary from a nearby charity shop.
Today (bleugh!) I have had to clean - how can a poorly man make so much mess?
Sooo... here is something I started last week as an experiment to see if a used inky babywipe would hold up to needle felting, YAY! it does. I did a background using different threads,wool etc. I have added the 'flowers' this week.
  the back looks like this
It feels so soft, not sure where it will end up!
I also had a play on a square from a pile of fabric samples I bought at Abakan.
All I did was felt into some of the coloured shapes it just me or can you see a funny little bird in here?
Here is the 'fungus' on the back.
I really hope I can get on with something soon, been reading up on image transferring and can't wait to start, which reminds me, take a look here, some amazing image transfers done by Susan Allan on her new blog.
Thanks for looking, have a lovely weekend, Chris.


patcrafts said...

Poor hubby,but a girls life just has to go on, it seems like a busy week. Ilove all your felting samples and the used baby wipe is fab.
Have a good weekend. xx

Susan Allan said...

Hope hubby is better soon then he can drive you away to your favourite place. Your felting projects are so interesting and lovely to look at. I have the needles. Just not given it a go yet. You have spurred me on to give it a go.
Have fun
Sue xx

Gez said...

Love your felting Chris..something I've always fancied. Good luck keeping your figures down but not too low. Sometimes when you expect them to be low they aren't and then unexpectedly they're high for no reason! Take care. Sending you gentle hugs. Glad to see you are getting out and about with some crafty friends.. there's nothing to beat it! Off to follow your link.. Have a great