Monday, 6 June 2011


Where shall I start? We went away last weekend, so relaxing! Took a couple of journals and my new needle felting kit (more later) and also did loads of gardening. Everything seemed to have died off... until we cleared the weeds and cut the hedge back(this can be done for us but because I have unearthed four(yes four!) Hydrangeas in the hedge over the past 2 years I prefer to do it myself and just leave the tops to be cut)Seeds are coming up and we have bought some new plants and I think this year could be the best year yet. 
Mr and Mrs Duck came to help, Mr Duck liked paddling where we watered and Mrs Duck helped herself to a drink from the drip tray under a pot.
This pot is outside our bedroom window, where this lovely stump sits, surrounded  by weeds and I like to keep it fairly wild around there for the insects and birds.

Behind it is this view....and a little to the right...this
Lighting is different as first was early morning and last was evening.
We were lucky to see this tender scene over the road one evening.

So,what did I do with my needle felting?
and then added beads when I got home.
Oops! yes it is the same piece!
I also did this
I had a picture in my small journal that I put in ages ago when I first wanted to have a go at needle felting.
Not quite, but I'm happy enough with it.
We both felt very relaxed when we came back..then I had to go for my dreaded retinopathy screening. If ever you have had one you know what I mean when I say that the eye drops feel like a thousand needles have been shoved in your eyes. 
Still, two days later we went off to the Cubby Hole in Crewe for Sarah's Art of Moodling exhibition preview. That girl is so talented, such a range of artwork! See her pictures here,(includes a pic of my hubby who was persuaded to "have a go" at a communal piece)
So how to top that? Well, my son's ex-partner has gone 'mobile' so I had my hair cut at home and she brought my grandson over. He loves to craft and I just happened to have finally got my hands on some of Lindsay Mason's new stamps - 'I dreamed of castles' and 'Hoist the flags' so I gave him paper, stamps, ink and crayons and away he went...

He found he could make the castle bigger by adding to it with the smaller stamps - how clever! Here he is adding some trees that I got from Circa designs bargain box at Port Sunlight.His stamping technique is really coming on - not a single smudge!(obviously hasn't inherited the pearshaped way he!he!)
Finally (phew!)my other two grandchildren came yesterday and both had a go at needle felting and guess what - silly Gran forgot to take photos. Will have to see if I can get a photo next week.
Well, if you are still here, thanks for looking. I look forward to any comments you care to make and will be back soon with more of what I'm doing today.


Artyjen said...

Love the needle felting and the shots of your garden and wild life :)
xoxo Sioux

Susan Allan said...

I enjoyed reading your post, Chris. Your grandson is very engrossed in his artwork; good idea to start them young. You mentioned growing lettuce in tubs, what a great idea!! Think I'll try that one.
Your needle felting work is are very talented, no, multi-talented.
Take care!
Sue xxx

Dawn said...

The day out looks wonderful and the needle felting is just so yummy well done you. :0) Dxx

She said...

Hi Chris what great photos....I love ♥♥♥ your needle felting and your grandson is gorgeous and so talented :-) Love S xx

Gez said...

Beautiful photographs so inspiring :) and how clever is your grandson. He definately has talent to think about making the castles taller. Brilliant!