Thursday, 3 February 2011

January -DONE!

Well I did it, and I'm now on my way with February and ...I've started making a start on March and April!! I am taking part in Kate Crane's year journal. Find out all about it on The Kathryn Wheel blog(sorry can't find how to link - something else to learn)

The photo doesn't show that the trees at the bottom are sparkly, yes sparkly - done with stickles. I am really enjoying this as it gives me a chance to remember things that I may otherwise forget - it's an age thing:(
I started something yesterday that I'm going to turn into a journal, using colours that I don't usually put together - for me quite bright but I have an idea..... Look at this for bright - quick, sunglasses required!

Off now to make some more - Oh! and I might just vacuum and dust and empty the washer mmmm...might, I said!!
Thanks for looking,


Joanne said...

I think you are very clever Chris. I admire folk who can crack this journalling thing. I for one, can't. Not that I couldn't give it a go, I just dont find it is for me. Have you seen Sioux groundhog day post and her new journal page. It's lovely too. I can help with the linking thing once I've cleaned up the mess in the front room that 'peg leg' has just made with a router!!!!!!!

Faerielore said...

januarys page looks fab

Steph said...

I like the colours you have used very cool looking

Sandra Hall said...

January looks great! I love looking at them when they're finished and all the blocks are filled in :)

thekathrynwheel said...

Vacuum, dust AND empty the washer?? Careful - you don't want to overdo it! Mwa ha ha ha!! Loving your journal pages and well done for keeping up so far. Thanks for joining the challenge x

Poppit said...

Loving your little row of trees! Don't know which I was more impressed by...the sighting of a heron or a nice new shiny kettle! :-)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Chris, it was lovely to meet you at the show today. I said to Pat later it's lovely when people get into this thing we call crafting and are so excited by all the new things they're discovering - not that we're not still excited by it all ;-)
I love your January pages, love the trees. I love your mini book and the lace and felt pieces too.
I found that book I was interested in on Amazon, at a fantastic price!!
BTW (by the way) to link someone else's blog, copy their blog address at the top of the page, highlight their name in you post with your mouse, click on 'link' at the top of the post you're writing, then paste the blog address. Hope this makes sense :-)
Anne x

She said...

Hi Chris, love, love, love your January pages. I've just finished mine and almost done Febs!! Hope to see you soon. Much love S xx

patcrafts said...

Hi Chris lovely to meet you today at the show. Love your January pages all the little drawings and wintry feel. Those backgrounds look really good love the bright warm feel of them.
As for the cleaning it does interfere with crafting doesn't it LOL. Pat xx

patcrafts said...

Should have read your profile first. I see we have something else in common I too was a special needs teacher for 30 something years. xx

Karin said...

Love your January page! So winter-y and neat!