Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The real me?

I've been on an exciting secret mission for a dear friend so not much to show - except that I have completed a journal page that I started in Lindsay's journaling workshop last week - it pretty much sums me up LOL
Last night I completed a page in my little moleskine, I started to doodle in the corner last week but realised it just wasn't me - so left it, but yesterday while tidying I came across the lovely Conte pastels that a friend bought for me from a charity shop. Sunday's supplement kindly supplied the little red bird and I managed to white-out the doodling so it doesn't look so fierce.
So, sort of rescued,I think it needs more so I will probably come back to this.

I do enjoy the comments you make so Thank You, and Thanks for dropping by


Joanne said...

Ok, if it wasn't you and it certainly wasn't that beautiful bird - who was it????

Gez said...

Ooooh beautiful pages Chris. :)
Hope you are well..xx