Tuesday, 25 October 2016

T Stands for….the rest of the trip!

As you will see if you read on, the colours in Ely Cathedral seem to have influenced my colour choices for a few Christmas cards I have made.
This one is for ABC Christmas challenge - U is for Under the Pile - something you haven't used that you have had for more than a year 
 I bought this stamp intending to use it last year but err…mislaid it! I used part of the stamp on this card and I'll show you the others soon! 

I really had hoped to show you more photos of Ely but time just ran out before we headed up to our caravan for a few days!
I used to live in Lincoln up till I moved to the North West to go to College - not so far away from Ely by car but we didn't have a car!! 
Our hotel was an old coaching inn and we had a room in what was one of the old stables. It was just along the road from the Cathedral.
First we went to the Information Centre which also happened to have been lived in by Oliver Cromwell

We decided not to take a tour of this house/museum - maybe next time as I think we will go back to Ely one day.
We walked past the old Palace and saw this in the process of being finished.
The building is now used as a sixth form college.

The cathedral site, like many in England started as an abbey - the building was started in 1083 not long after the Norman conquest and has lots of carvings both inside and out

The octagonal tower was added later but decorated in the 1800s

I am not sure whether you will make these out but the lovely figures have no heads.

These caught my eye - as you can see the ones on the top have faded 

The ceiling is amazing and there is a mirror on wheels to allow a proper view with straining your neck.
Of course with my love of Eleanor of Aquitaine (she and Henry II visited here) I had to look for signs of original paintings on the walls - alas not many, but enough to please me!

As I grew up in Lincoln I was always fascinated by tales of the building of Lincoln Cathedral so I really enjoyed my visit here too!
Some of the features are very similar, as Lincoln was started in 1088.

Of course…nearly forgot - my drink related photo for I am here to join Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T stands for Tuesday.
 We didn't have a cooked breakfast every day but this was one of the days we did! Our drink - a good cup of coffee!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Linda Kunsman said...

Oh my gosh-with a breakfast like that I wouldn't eat the rest of the day-wow!
Lovely Christmas card.
And I am totally in love with that magnificent abbey!!! Really super photos Chris.
Happy T day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your Christmas card is wonderful. You always make them lovely, yet postable.

That abbey blew me away. I was in heaven as I read what you had written and saw the beautiful photos.

I remember when I was making my Kings and Queens altered book for my friend, how much you remarked about Eleanor of Aquitaine. It set me on a quest to learn more about her, too.

That breakfast has made me hungry. I'm fighting off eating right now, because I want to visit everyone, but this has truly weakened me. I can't believe T drank coffee, too. Are you sure he was feeling OK (grin)?

Thanks for sharing your Christmas card, your lovely photos, and your humungus breakfast with us for T this Tuesday.

Helen said...

Ely is so beautiful!! love a cooked breakfast when I go away (but where's the bacon, and tomatoes lol!) thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures of Ely (and your card!)

Valerie-Jael said...

Ely is a beautiful place, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Your breakfast looks great, too! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

all These carvings - inside and outside the cathedral - are just wonderful. thanks for sharing These photos, it was a pleasure to look at them.
happy t-day, Chris!

chrissie said...

Terrific cards Chris and great that they were influenced by what you saw. We must ventured further South and see some of the wonders there.

Thank you for sharing your trip

Love Chrissie xx

Crafty She said...

Gorgeous card Chris, and as ever I love your photos. xxx

Pamellia Johnson said...

Wonderful piece Chris and what amazing photos of such an interesting place. hugs :)

Annie said...

Love your Christmas card Chris x The stamp is beautiful x Looks like you hd a great time in ELY Thank You for sharing your wonderful photographs

Huge hugs
Annie xx

Meggymay said...

A wonderful post to read Chris. Loved all the super photos.
I like I have have had to have a rest after that delicious looking breakfast.
happy T Day
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

Wow- the cathedral is spectacular. We don't have that era of building here in the US so I love seeing it elsewhere because I think its my favorite. Nice card. That is a great stamp. And yum- now I need more for breakfast than I have now. Happy T Day-Erika

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Spectacular architecture! Wow!Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos! The christmas card looks beautiful!
Your breakfast looks great, too! Happy T Day, hugs,

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, that is one amazing cathedral - the carvings both inside and out are breathtaking! The smoked salmon and scrambled eggs would be my choice - yum yum! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

Halle said...

I'm always in awe of the elaborate and ornate quality of these buildings.
Great stamp and use of only part of it...very clever.

Darla said...

It is such a pleasure to see the photos of the buildings you visited. Imagine chopping the heads off those figures, strange times for sure. I like your cards, looks like you used a very complicated stamp.

Dianne said...

oh my the stunning photos of the cathedral!!! yummy breakfast, and beautiful card you've made! Happy T day! ♥

Lisca Meijer said...

Wow! The pictures of Ely cathedral blew me away. In my childhood I visited Ely and remember seeing the cathedral from the outside. (I don't remember if we went inside). What beautiful features. I particularly love the ceiling and the choir stools, and the carvings, intact or otherwise. Thank you so much for sharing that.
Your Christmas card is beautiful. Anyone would l.ike to receive that.
Anmd your breakfast.... yummy! I love salmon for breakfast. It's a real treat! But I know that my hubby wouyld go for the sausage!
Happy T-Day,

Krisha said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful photo, so steeped with history. I just find these places amazing and wish I could visit every one of them.

Your breakfast is making my mouth water, and my stomach growl with hunger......*grin*

Happy T-day

Helen said...

Beautiful card - love the vintage feel!
Thanks for playing at the ABC Christmas Challenge!
Helen x

Divers and Sundry said...

I am always in awe of buildings that old, and this history is fascinating! So many changes through the centuries. Those fluffy eggs are making me hungry. Coffee is the perfect drink for breakfast :) Happy T Tuesday

Carol said...

I like the way you did the Christmas card.... you keep reminding me to get to work on them but I haven't yet :( Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I do so enjoy those old buildings ♥♥♥♥

Brenda Brown said...

Fabulous photos Chris. The cathedral is a wonderful building to look at with such beautiful architecture. Love your postable card, gorgeous design xxx

Cazzy said...

Hi Chris, thanks for visiting. Ely looks amazing, will have to add it to my list of possible places to visit now I am alone - that is if I don't just stay at home! My problem is leaving the dog now, he is also alone with both Alfie and his master gone, and clings to me like my shadow and hates being left.

Taking him is restrictive, and although my son would come over and house and dog sit he works, so the dog would have to be alone for 3 or more hours at a time. I might have to stick to weekends, if I can't find a friend for Sooty!
Anyway not this year.


jinxxxygirl said...

Late flyby Tea stop....My Gosh what lovely architecture !!! Took my breath away! Thank you so much for posting all those photos... Hugs! deb

~*~Patty S said...

Was sorry to miss T again but I have had a lovely time catching up with you and your travels and so much creativity too!
Fun Trick or Treat piece you created.
So much money is spent here in the states each year.
Funny enough the stores already are stocked with Christmas items too.
Hope your GD has a fun time.
Mr M and I have been going out for dinner and movie the last several Halloweens. So our house is dark. Better to not have bowls of candy around to tempt us that way too.

Sara Barker said...

I really enjoyed your post! I love seeing photos of places I know I will never get to see from the perspective of a "real person". The architecture is beautiful on that cathedral--I can only imagine the time it took to design and build it! Your Christmas card is lovely, and I can see where you drew your inspiration! Hugs!