Monday, 10 October 2016

T stands for taking a trip back in time!

I have gone back to the Summer to show you some photos of our visit to Lincoln - my home town!
My brother and sister in law live there not far from where my Mum and Dad used to live and in fact their house is on land that we used to play on as children.
I had asked my brother if we could be tourists for a day, so on a Saturday in July we set off into the city!
On the way I noticed lots of changes.
This is the old Drill Hall - no changes here thank goodness - they used to hold dances here with some quite famous bands and singers appearing. My Dad didn't like me going there as he had heard that there used to be fights but I was always away very early to catch the bus home and never saw one fight! 
 Our first stop was the Museum - this is now in a brand new building close to the Usher Art Gallery where I used to spend my lunch times when I was at FE college(that's a story in itself!)
 As you can see it is a very light and airy place although the areas that contain the exhibits have more subdued lighting.
This used to be my favourite when I was a child - a viking boat - which in my youth used to be a lone exhibit. It now is in a 'setting'!
Lots of display cases but we were getting ready for a coffee break after looking at quite a few!
The cafe is run by Stokes - a company that sells tea and coffee as well as having a very old shop and cafe over the river. Grandad Peelie's mix is a secret blend of tea and 'something special'
We enjoyed sitting outside even though it wasn't especially warm.

Next stop was the Art Gallery.
I forgot to take any photos but can say I was disappointed, the inside has been updated and a memory was spoilt!
We headed uphill, not up Steep Hill, notoriously err…steep, as we came in from a different direction.
We did join it halfway up though!

There's SIL looking in the Chocolate shop window.
There were some stalls outside the Castle gates.
The best thing though, was that there was a parade to commemorate the Battle of the Somme.

Eleanor was also Countess of Ponthieu which is at the mouth of the Somme.
Some of the poppies that were on display at the Tower of London decorated part of the walls.
After a light lunch we set off to look around the area - passing one of the cannons that my sons(when they were little) and grandchildren could never walk past without stopping for a photo of themselves sitting on it.
We decided against including the Cathedral on this occasion as time was moving on! 
We headed down Steep Hill to the Stonebow - an archway that in the 14th Century was a gate way to the city.
It now houses council offices and the Mayors parlour.
Time for a final coffee …and Italian Biscuits.
We were out just in time to see the parade heading back up to the Castle led by the Mayor.

Finally a nostalgic walk down the High Street
This is Stokes shop and cafe. My Mum worked here as a waitress when she was in her teens. 

We all really enjoyed our 'tourist day'and we had loads of catch up time too !

I hope you are still here after two coffee stops that I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth with at The Altered BookLover to celebrate T Stands For Tuesday
If you have a drink related post to show please do come and join the T gang - we love seeing all sorts of drinks, whether it be in your art, at home or on an outing! 

Thanks for looking, Chris


My name is Erika. said...

I love playing tourist in places I know, and it looks like you had a great day doing it too. Lincoln looks like a beautiful place. Those horse costumes are gorgeous. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I could barely catch my breath as I took this wonderful journey with you as you played tourist in your home town. It's a beautiful town, too.

I LOVED those horses and riders. That was such a fantastic addition to the day. How lucky you went on that special day. Even the mayor seems to be saying hi to you!

I truly enjoyed both coffee breaks and loved that you brought us with you for this fun outing. Thanks for sharing these photos and the wonderful coffees with us for T this Tuesday.

Helen said...

the parade looks fun and the horses reminded me of Joey from War Horse, which I guess was the idea.... great trip - enjoyed my first ever visit to Lincoln - the last picture is the one I associate with Lincoln, I guess it is what they use in promotions about the city because it seemed familiar...

Brenda Brown said...

Thanks for allowing me to be a tourist too with your walk around this beautiful place, love the architecture and the fabulous parade, what a treat to see xxx

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you enjoyed revisiting Lincoln, I much enjoyed the four years I spent there back in the dark past! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

i would have loved to join this Tourist day in lincoln, but at least i had this virtual journey with all those wonderful photos! love the Skeleton horses, how unique! and a viking boat - that´s my taste for sure!
have a great t-day, Chris! xox

chrissie said...

Terrific photos of Lincoln and a place I just love visiting. The last time we went we had a trip up the river on a boat and it was really beautiful. Can't wait to go again after seeing your photos.

Love Chrissie xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Thanks for taking me with you on your walk around this beautiful place, amazing architecture and the parade must be so interesting to see!
Thank you for sharing Chris!
Happy T-Day!
oxo Susi

Linda Kunsman said...

playing tourist-what a great way to revisit such fond memories of the places you knew! It's also a great way to see things with fresh eyes. LOVE the castle and old buildings and your cappuccino looks heavenly. Fun to get to see the special parade too. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

Meggymay said...

I enjoyed seeing more photos of your home town, so many interesting buildings. Its true we often don't appreciate our home towns when we live close by.
Happy T day.
Yvonne xx

Darla said...

Such fun to travel along with you as you were a tourist in your old home town. I really enjoyed the photo's. Seems you hit it right arriving on the day they were having a parade. Great shots. Thanks for showing us around. I don't think I could make it up Steep Hill though.

Let's Art Journal said...

Your home town is lovely and it looks like you had a fabulous time reliving memories of your childhood! I have never been to Lincoln myself, it seems there is so much to see and do, the parade looked wonderful! And two drinks for T Day - outstanding! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

~*~Patty S said...

How nice for you to get to revisit your lovely home town.
Although it is risky sometimes because things do change.
But you'll always have your memories.
Those poppies certainly make a beautiful statement and lucky you getting to enjoy that special parade too.
Happy T Day dear Chris oxo

Halle said...

Wow...I just have to save my pennies so we can make it to Europe one day. I just sit back and ooh-n-aahh at everyone photos. Thanks for the eye candy!
Happy T day!

jinxxxygirl said...

It can be difficult to go home again... nothing ever stays the same... LOVE the horses in the parade! I remember going back and seeing my childhood home some years ago... hardly recognizable... it had been completely remodeled... my dad had built it... quite sad....

Krisha said...

Thank you for taking us along on your tourist adventure. Fantastic photos!
I don't think my old knees would take me up steep hill, but it was fun to see it.
Your drink looks Heavenly.
Happy t-day

Lisca Meijer said...

Thank you for letting me come with you on your tour through Lincoln. We've just come back from the UK but we have not been to Lincoln. It's on my list of things to see for another time. I really emnjoyed the photos and the beautiful places there.
I hadn't heard of queen Eleanor. I will find out a bit more about her. Isn't the internet wonderful!
Looking at your coffee makes me want a hot drink too. I think I will put the kettle on...
Happy T-Day,
Have a good week,

craftytrog said...

Great photos Chris! I'll have to add Lincoln to my list of places to visit, it looks very interesting!
Alison xxx