Sunday, 31 July 2016

My calendar journal pages..

I have just got back from our caravan but wanted to post my pages as the next couple of days could be busy!!
First my August pages - all ready to fill in…Oh!What's that on the first of August…..hmmm!…wait and see! It's big surprise, well, it was for me!! 
I have still to put in the month! Maybe I will add a few things too!

Here, If you feel inclined to enlarge this you can see what I have been up to in July!

I will be able to visit a few more blogs this week too I hope! We are home for a while but have to get myself prepared for a Pokemon hunt! We have had a request!! We'll see!!

Please do come along on Monday and share my excitement!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Helen said...

oh not you Pokemon-ing too!! great pages. Have a good week x

Mi Schra said...

Pokemon hunt? Oh no!! I'd rather see your journal pages. These kalender pages are wonderul.... much better than a pokemon hunt!!!

Crafty She said...

Loving your calendar pages Chris...must get my photo off the phone!