Thursday, 28 April 2016

Calming Down!!

Have you ever stayed in waiting for a workman who doesn't arrive? Yes! Of course you have! 
Today we planned to go up to our caravan, since our phone stopped working last week we have been out and bought a new phone, however, when we tried to connect it it seems there is fault with our line so….contacted the supply company and booked someone to come today…between 8 and 12…got a text to say they would be here and that they were looking forward to seeing us!
We waited…and waited…no phone call or text…hubby packed the car so that we could be straight off…! Lunchtime came and a lot of our food was in a coolbox in the car…not to worry..we made a meal with what we did have in the fridge and cupboard..and waited! After we had eaten hubby went online ….we had an expensive number to ring and as he couldn't get the information we wanted I rang the expensive number on my mobile phone and after a whole load of automated messages managed to speak to someone and got them to ring me back! He was very sympathetic and promised that the technical team would ring us back…but he did say that the workman had been and tried to gain access!!!
The technical team did indeed ring and said that the driver had spent 25 minutes trying to gain access - I flipped dear reader, totally utterly flipped, especially when he said that the technician had no more slots today! Asked why the man had not called - we suspect he may have gone to our complex back gate - as visitors often do - something to do with Sat navs not recognising the post code, it is quite a busy exit - if he had been there for 25 minutes he could easily have asked someone!!! He said he would look into the tracker on the van and get back to me.
Within a few minutes he called back - by this time it was 3.30! Someone is on their way!! Not the original guy…just as well!!!

Anyway, in an effort to calm down I have made a very quick journal page for Moo Mania and More - the challenge is 'Floral'
Yesterday we met my youngest son in Manchester for coffee and a chat! The cafe is called 'Pot, Kettle, Black' and a pleasant place to sit for a while. 

I also had a voucher and a gift token to spend at Paperchase, a shop I have never come out of empty handed!!

I bought 3 new journals, one with black pages, a square one and this Kraft paper one. I gessoed the page randomly before I went to bed.
All I have done here is use some stencils with Blueprint Sketch and Bundled Sage DIs, a Japanese text stamp using BS and 'beautiful' from a greetings set I have had for a while.

I do feel calmer now and we MAY go to our caravan…..if the man turns up!!! 

Edit: A man, a very nice man, has just been and fixed our problem, he had to walk about a quarter of a mile to the cabin to check the line, refused a drink and apologised on behalf of the other guy.
We are going to our caravan early tomorrow!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful page, thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More, hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

The page is beautiful and very calming unlike the rest of your day. Hope the chap turned up and you are off to your caravan

Love Chrissie xx

Barb said...

How incredibly frustrating Chris and believe me we know the feeling. At least someone did phone you back!

Your beautiful page certainly doesn't reflect any feelings of frustration! It really is a lovely page and I think the colours are beautiful. Enjoy you new journals and I hope you manage to get away as planned. Gentle Hugs, Barbxx

butterfly said...

Oh, how frustrating. I'm astonished that in the midst of all that nonsense you managed to create a page of such serenity and beauty! I love the Paperchase journals - like you, I find it hard to leave the shop without a purchase (so I try to avoid going in in the first place!).
Alison x

Helen said...

what a completely annoying frustrating day... glad the problem is solved though, and you get away early tomorrow... glad you got to enjoy Paperchase yesterday....

Anne (cornucopia) said...

You managed to create a beautiful art piece, despite the aggravating situation going on. (I don't know that I could've created something under similar circumstances. And I know exactly what you mean, because I had the exact same experience with a company who was supposed to come between 8am and noon to install a new service, never showed up, and never called. When I finally called them, they said he was behind schedule and wasn't going to make it that day, but could come the next day! I told them to forget it, and went with a different company.)

Meggymay said...

Chris that sounds like one off those days many of us have. Still the plus side is that you created a beautiful page in your journal and eventually the workman arrives. Hope you get away tomorrow to your caravan.
Yvonne xx

Redanne said...

What an awful time you had Chris! So happy it is finally sorted though... I love the page you managed to create amongst all of it too. Hope tomorrow is a much better day for you! Hugs, Anne xx

sirkkis said...

What a beautiful page in its simply design. Love it.
I hope your problems are over.
Enjoy your weekend ♥

hazel said...

A beautiful page, I'm glad you got your phone problems sorted.
xxx Hazel.

Krisha said...

Oh yes, I can relate to your story!!! LOL!
Gorgeous journal page. I have always bought/made white page journals, but have been playing around with making Kraft pages and black pages. Do you like the colored pages?
Have a great weekend!

Sandy said...

If that happened to me - I would have had to have a pint or two and I would be pacing around the house doing busy stuff!
Your journal page is lovely - for some reason I thought Moo Mania was for little bitty cards.
I am having computer problems and have a new program to work from until my husband figures out what happened to the program I was using.
Have a good time at your caravan - lucky lady!!
sandy xx

Crafty She said...

Gorgeous page Chris...I hope you eventually got your phone fixed..and that you have a lovely weekend. xxxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can also relate to this story. The ones I hate are the workers who lie to you. I don't want them in my home when I catch them in a lie.

Your journal page is beautiful.

I bet you are already at your caravan, since I spent most of yesterday evening working in my veggie garden before the RAINS and rain and rain and etc. came today.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Hope you got those problems fixed - gosh - sounds aweful!
A lovely page dear Chris! Thank you so much for joining us at Moo Mania with it !
Always super to have you with us!
Happy weekend !

Mrs.B said...

A beautiful calming page Chris, at least something good came of the day!
Hoe you have a great time away and the weather is kind to you.
Avril xx