Tuesday, 23 February 2016

T stands for ……….thrilled!

Hi everyone,
Yesterday a package came through the letter box
I could see through the plastic a mangled envelope 
I feared the worst, whatever was in the package would surely be ruined…but no, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis this beauty had been wrapped inside another plastic layer!
A gorgeous card by my teamie and blog friend Lula! Thank you so much Lula and to our Royal Mail for dealing with this to prevent further damage!

On Sunday I went a few miles away to small craft supply show, I knew that there were some exhibitors that would have just what I wanted! Hubby came along too to keep an eye on me…though not my spending, in fact he treated me to some stamps(having chosen one set for me to make a card for him!) I will show you these tomorrow though.
After we had eaten a picnic lunch we decided not to go straight home but to have a walk in the fresh air so we set off via the scenic route to Dunham Park.
I wasn't up for a long walk so we didn't go into the Winter Garden as we did a few weeks ago, but enjoyed a circuit that took us past the lake and the clock.

 The moat was not asccabm as last time and as you can see there were lots of visitors as it was the weekend!
I don't think I showed you this last time
The field by the car park is still waterlogged, though it is drying out a little!

Today I am joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for a weekly meet up with the Tea gang!!
I have started to make some cards with the goodies I won!
 If I did drink tea this would definitely be THE cup!
 Neither of these cards have a sentiment at the moment and I may add  something else to the bottom one, which is using up some paper that I normally wouldn't use, as I am not a great fan of orange. I am quite pleased with this so far though. 
These are some bits and pieces ready for the next one!

We are off to the cinema this morning - a Silver Screen one, so we get in for £3 each, with a cup of coffee too!
The film is Brooklyn, one we missed first time around and has won some awards!

I will be visiting later, so for now Thanks for looking, Chris  


Lucyna Marynowska said...

Oh Chris I'm so glad you got it! I thought it got lost! Hugs!

Pamellia Johnson said...

What a beautiful card that Lula sent you, and well done that the post office wrapped it for extra protection! Your walk looked lovely, what an amazing big tree! Beautiful cards, looks like you're keeping busy! hugs :)

Darla said...

Scary when you see a package like that arrive. So glad your card wasn't damaged, it is beautiful. Hope you enjoy the movie. I haven't seen it but I did read and enjoy the book by that name.

Divers and Sundry said...

I glad your mail came through its ordeal looking so perfect!

I haven't seen the film "Brooklyn" but will look into it. So many movies, so little time! :)

Linda Kunsman said...

all beautiful cards Chris!!Glad that beauty of a card from Lula was OK.
Lovely scenic walk-and that huge tree-wow-very cool! Have a great day and happy T day!

Krisha said...

Your friend sent you a very stunning card!
I haven't seen Brooklyn either, so will investigate that.
Happy T-day

~*~Patty S said...

That movie sounded good to me too.
I hardly ever go to the "real" cinema anymore but it is always a fun treat.
Happy your Royal Mail rescued that wounded envelope and delivering those nice wishes and beautiful card to you!
Love the aqua/green cheesecloth you used in your pretty cards.
Happy T Day

Mac Mable said...

What a gorgeous card your teamie made you and so glad it arrived safely and with no damage.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an amazing and beautiful card you received. Patty's postcard took 14 days to get to me, and it wasn't damaged in shipment, either. I suspect your royal mail was much quicker and more efficient than the USPS.

Love the moat. I am always in awe of that area. And if you look up the word "gnarly" in the dictionary, I bet a picture of that tree would be there (grin).

You have certainly created some gorgeous cards with your winnings, and I adore that cup and saucer. It's a gem and a real beauty. Thanks for sharing your weekend walk and your lovely cards with us for T this Tuesday. So glad you are feeling better, too.

chrissie said...

Pleased to see you are keeping busy and making so beautiful things.

You were lucky that the card was safe as it is so lovely

Great photographs though still lots of water around by the looks of it

Take care

Love Chrissie xx

Redanne said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous card you received Chris, so glad it was not badly damaged, that would have been so sad! I love that walk at Dunham too, well done for getting out and getting some fresh air - and how lovely of your hubby to not only keep an eye on you but buy you some goodies too!! Hope you are continuing to make a good recovery. Hugs, Anne xx

Almo said...

So pleased to see that beautiful card arrived undamaged Chris. Happy also to see you have managed to get some essential retail therepy and fresh air as part of your recovery. Nice to see the pictures of Dunham Park, I used to walk the dog there nearly every day before we moved to Norfolk, looks like there has been plenty rain there though. Mo x

Helen said...

what happy mail, and so lucky it was undamaged. hope you've enjoyed the cinema. Great photos from your walk, too - I guess you're happy with the new camera!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fantastic photos Chris and a fantastic card from Lula!
I wasn't at the cinema for decades!
Happy T-Day!

Meggymay said...

You were lucky to get the lovely card to you safely. the cards you made all look fabulous.
Yvonne xx

Dianne said...

Wonderful that your gorgeous card arrived intact...even though the package gave you a bit of a scare. Glad you are up and about and enjoying a walk, and we get to enjoy the photos you took! happy T day!

Rita said...

What a sweet get well card. so glad it didn't get ruined! Love both your cards, too. Sounds like a good craft shopping trip and you guys made a real day of it. Hope you enjoyed the picture. Supposed to be really good. Happy T-Day! :)

Ariel said...

Glad that the parcel reached safe The card that your friend sent is gorgeous. The cards you made out of your goodies are also beautiful
Happy T day

massofhair said...

Oh i do enjoy a walk around Dunham Massey, the ice cream was quite lovely last time i tried it!

The water logged area will take ages to dry out i am sure...

Good to see how the Post Office rescued your card. Did you go to Leigh??? Decided not to go this time, saving up for Port Sunny. Hope to see you there:-) xxx

Carol said...

Love the cards you've made this week ♥ So happy that your gift wasn't damaged in the mail. Love the photos from your walk and that tree looks ancient :)

johanna said...

seeing the package i also would have been worried about the shape inside, glad it wasn´t damaged! love your photos and the things you are creating with your win! xo

butterfly said...

Having lots of trouble getting and staying online - but hope to have a few minutes this time... What a lovely card from Lula, and charming cards with some of your winnings too. Looks like you've been having a good time out and about, and I look forward to seeing what you've made with the new stamp sets for/from your husband!
Alison x

Neet said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out. I love Dunham and the photos reminded me just how much I enjoy being there.
`Hugs, Neet xx

Sara Barker said...

Boy Chris, you have been busy, haven't you? Lovely cards and photos, too! I love that you share your daily events with us. Good for you and Lulu, too, your get well card arrived in tip top shape. Great card, I bet it was treat to get it! Hugs!