Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Second Look on the 2nd with Elizabeth - Venice!!

I have tried to join in with this fun challenge when I can.
Bleubeard and Elizabeth at The Altered Book Lover
invite us to join her with something you may or may not have seen in the past from your blog
I have chosen something from another of our travels, when we visited 7 Italian cities in 7 days!! It also includes part of the travel journal I made.

This was posted on the 23rd October 2013 

Oh! Venice - I loved you but I don't think I'll be back! Those of you that know me well know that I am not a water baby so boat trips are not my favourite thing!! Of course, getting to Venice from a coach park requires a boat journey, then there's the pre-booked gondola(thanks to hubby!)and then the boat journey back to the coach park! That all sounds ok, the water(apparently) isn't that deep and friends had assured me that it was always like a mill pond! Huh!! Our tour manager (lovely David) said on the way in to Venice on the first boat trip said he'd never seen it that choppy in all his times to Venice! THEN…..our tour guide, a local Venetian said that they were expecting an exceptionally high tide and seemed to be rushing us to the gondola station…..we were one of the last three gondolas to go out! Six of us set off in ours and got to the first bridge, the gondolier tipped us over on to one side to get the front of the gondola under the bridge and then on to the other side to get himself under. I couldn't believe it when we went out on to the Grand Canal with big boats passing very close! I will tell you no more except to say hubby filmed my reaction at one point to show the family!!! Getting back to the gondola station was a big relief but….I DID IT!!! Me - a gondola - Yay!! 

Yes, the grey hair bottom left is mine!!(probably gain a few more during the trip!)

Venice is certainly beautiful, I loved the views down the narrow lanes, the crumbly buildings, the bridges, the canals(except while I was on one!)the shops and St Marks Square - which floods so much that they put up walkways when it's high tide(aqua alta)! Here are some photos in no particular order!

Two very grand looking gondolas
I missed this but hubby took a photo 
A shop that makes masks
Love the texture here 

A staircase built just to show that the family were important
A fascinating place!

Since then I have changed my mind…I think I would visit Venice again if I could!

There are several related posts around this time - here, here, here and here if you would like to see the other cities we visited

I loved Italy even though we were travelling around at quite a pace - we used three hotels, although the last one was just an overnight stop before returning home! Would I do it again?….m-a-y-b-e not!!

Thanks for looking at my Second Look on the and I am looking forward to seeing more Second Looks at Elizabeth's blog, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

Venice is really a wonderful place, I loved it there. Your pages are great and well worth a second look. Hugs, Valerie

~*~Patty S said...

Thank you for taking us to Venice this morning Chris!
Oh how beautiful it is. Your photos are super and your journal pages are really splendid too.
Fun to read about your adventures.
I get motion sick on water but would still like to visit Venice some day.
Thanks for a great second look which was a first for me.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am ALWAYS fascinated by your travel photos, and your narrative had me in stitches. I can relate to fear of something. Mine is not fear of water, but of height, so I got queasy just seeing that staircase, although the architecture was stunning.

I really enjoyed visiting Venice with you. It was a fun trip and I didn't get wet. Thanks for sharing this great second look on the 2nd.

sirkkis said...

Fascinating photos and gorgeous pages. So rich and beautiful.
Have a great time, Chris ♥

chrissie said...

Such fantastic photographs. It does look like a magical place

Love Chrissie xx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, no, Chris! What a shame about those choppy waters! Venice is one of my all time favourite places! I love your pics of it and that mask shop! Wow! I have a small collection of Venetian masks that I collected on my 3 visits in the past. It's years and years since I went there last. It was wonderful to re-live it through your post. xx

Juliz Design Post said...

I would love to go to Venice and your photos make it even more tempting. I have friends that were there at the weekend but still to catch up.
Thanks for sharing,
Julie x

Dianne said...

Magnificent photos, and love the travel journal that you created! I was in Venice when I was a very small I have no memory of it--my dad/family was stationed by the army in Germany when I was about 1 year old. Wish I could visit again! your photos take me back to the OLD 8mm home movies that my parents filmed!

My name is Erika. said...

Oh those photos of Venice. I am jealous! How lucky you were to see so man people things. And your journal is beautiful too! :)

My name is Erika. said...

Oh those photos of Venice. I am jealous! How lucky you were to see so man people things. And your journal is beautiful too! :)

Diane Baker-Williams said...

This is one place i would love to visit! For now, I will visit via your photos. I especially liked seeing your journal pages. I have such a hard time incorporating my photos. Never know what to do with the straight edges! I admire how you used the inks and stamps with the photos. Wonderful post!

johanna said...

your journaling as well as your photos are excellent and bring back memories... i used to go to venice every other year (to the biennale of art) many years ago (in the 80ies, 90ies), but it really is time to return there. actually i´m a bit sceptical, because it is said to be so terribly overcrowded nowadays. i´m afraid that ruins my good memories... now i´m going to check the other links of your journeys you gave us.

butterfly said...

My cold-befuddled brain just got confused... at first I thought you'd been to Venice again (despite your resolution!), even though we've just been hearing about France - was getting envious of the jet-setting. But I finally worked out what was going on - lovely to see the pictures again. And I think you're right to change your mind about a return visit... but yes, not on a whirlwind tour maybe.
Alison xx