Thursday, 24 September 2015

2015 Summer photography Scavenger Hunt

Last year I learned about Rinda's Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt via Elizabeth's blog
Warning- a very photo heavy post!
This year I kept checking and this years list appeared just before we went off to France and although I did take quite a few of my photographs they have since been replaced by more appropriate ones! I didn't really look at the fact that I could have posted some of these earlier(which would have saved me trawling through loads to find the ones I wanted - next year I may get it right!!)

So without further ado….and with Thanks to Rinda for setting this fabulous list here are my photos for
First the list

1 I guessed no one would be buying me a bouquet so I chose this one from a supermarket! 

2 I thought I had found a really good example until I saw the collection when we went to Chateau d'Aznay
              3 The dog stopped in his tracks when he saw me!!

4 top - Hubby's Mah-Jong group 
bottom - these cafe owners have a games cafe and they were playing Small Worlds…far more exciting!!!

 5 Couldn't decide between the columns in Lafayette or the ones at La Chapelle - both in Paris
 6 The bridge at Salford Quays
7 The only turtle I could find!!

 8 The guy in the games cafe said he was going onto Facebook so I asked for a photo because before that this pic of my grandson was the best I could do, and he was playing games connected to a friend

 9 Walking by the canal one day couldn't believe my eyes - a lovely homeless guy, who we spoke to on another occasion had found an ideal spot!

10 What wonderful place to learn!
 11 We had intended walking up to the mast but left it too late in the day - shot this from the petrol station!

 12 Although the Midland Hotel Morecambe has lovely Art Deco style loos I couldn't believe my luck to find this sparkly one at a Chinese restaurant in Poitiers

 13 This carousel continued the Jules Verne theme that we had seen on the canal in Troyes, France

 14 I had so many traffic signals photos but this temporary signal outside our Edinburgh hotel wins!

15 You didn't really think they were on one pole did you? The best I could do!!

 16 These views both have our caravan site on them - one is the view just up the road when we first catch a glimpse when we arrive and the other is from a hill near the crag that we see from our decking
17 On a great day out visiting Vide Greniers(table top sales)while staying with my SIL and hubby, these two ladies were entertaining the crowds

 18 The skip carrier was heading up the route that the Cycling Tour of Britain was taking! I missed the farmer's heaviest load the trip before this one!
 19 The queues to get into Edinburgh castle were huge

 20 The Loire at Orleans

21 Setting the timer on my camera was the most difficult challenge of all!!
Alternative A because I know my flags are a big cheat!!This is a lovely square in Troyes on our first day and my first photo for the Summer Scavenger Hunt

I have enjoyed this so much - even though I think I tested hubby's patience at times!!

Thanks for looking, Chrisx

ps I am getting back to some crafting now!


Cheri said...

Nicely done! You have some great shots.

Anonymous said...

I came looking and admiring!
Herzlich Pippa

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely photos Chris, well done on getting all the shots you needed! Hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, I'm certainly impressed!!! I wanted to wait and show all mine at the same time, too, but I was afraid my computer would blow up or go on hiatus, so I decided to post mine each month. I really LOVE the ones you got, though, and finding them on holiday was a real thrill, I'm sure. You did an exceptional job, dear, and I'm really in awe! LOVE the carousel. I want it to sit in my living room and converse with my rocking horses (grin)!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fantastic photos Chris! Wow.. you got all the photos! WOW!!!

debs14 said...

Some amazing photos here, what a great games cafe!

Karen said...

Fabulous photos. Difficult to pick a favourite but I really like the views (15) and that sparkly loo was a great find.

alexa said...

Wow, you have definitely won the door knocker prize! And the games café is most intriguing ... Lovely to see your collection :).

Lady Ella said...

Lovely! I do enjoy seeing the finished collections. Your second column photo is most unusual, and I love the panorama.

marsha said...

super photos..I love the door knockers, and the columns at the Lafayette in Paris!!!

Julie Kirk said...

what a brilliant selection! So much to comment on .. .that door! That sparkly loo! Those Parisian columns! And I would have stopped in my tracks if I'd seen the dog [big phobia!!]

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Julie :-)

butterfly said...

Brilliant photo scavenging - what an adventure and what a fun post! Love some of the options, and I'll definitely have to tell Cestina that there's a board game called Small Worlds!
Alison xx

helena said...

well done on a great set - fabulous view from your caravan - off to look at your Edin pics - always interesting to see a familiar city through someone else's eyes

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great shots - and wonderful interpretations - I love the door knockers - someone has a great sense of humor.

Melissa Stebbins said...

I just had to laugh at your flags becuase that is exactly what Hubby suggested I do!

Maggie said...

What a lovely set of photos. I love the knockers and the columns. I know what you mean about having to trawl through photos and trying to decide which one!

Susanne said...

Some really great shots you've captured, I enjoyed seeing them.