Wednesday, 20 May 2015

WOYWW 311…The crop part 2

Well, I say part 2, but part 1 here only had photos of the area where the crop is held(it is beautiful if you want take a peek)
First though, the desk - taken this morning at about 8.00.
This is after all why we are here and Julia welcomes anyone with desk to show - you don't even have to pitch up each week(although you probably will - it's addictive once you start snooping err…showing!!!)Just link to her blog at the Stamping Ground.Mine shows the aftermath of (a) returning from the crop and dumping stuff (b)making a quick card - really quick - 10 minutes before we were due to go and pick up GD yesterday so we could hand deliver it on the way!!

Okay…I know why you are really here today - photos of the crop coming up - in no particular order!!
Just after the 'Official' photo - can't possibly reveal what Julia said!!!
LLJ having a moment!!! I think Julia has named all these lovely folk on her crop blogpost!

As you may know it was Zo's 40th birthday last week - we all signed her card!

Red, white and blue - Shaz(silverwolf), me, Zo(craftygashead)
Lunch is served - a wonderful choice of delicious food, Debbie(Tatteredrocks) and 
Maggie(Silvercrafter) have just got theirs from Julia and Jan
We all had a great time - lots of chat, some crafting, coffee, cake (couldn't resist Fiona's Lemon cake)- then came the packing up!
Hettie, Zo and Lisa
Dolores(Cardarian and Mary-Anne(Scrappystickyinkymess) didn't want to go
…and now the shots I know you will love….Helen(Stamping by H) packing up her stuff!!

It did all go back in too - although I've never seen a suitcase with quite so much in it!!!
I was lucky enough, as you will see in pics on LLJ's, Helen's and Julia's blogs, to work between Cindy and Helen!

So, that's it….I will be hoping to swap ATCs next week but will be starting pack for our long holiday! I'll try to show you the ATCs I got at the crop too!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Bridget Larsen said...

Lovely to put names and faces to blogs, great idea to take a suitcase lol I need 2
Bridget #2

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It was good to see Helen smiling. She really DOES pack a lot in the suitcase, doesn't she!

Whatever Julia said, it must have been a doozie, because everyone was laughing.

So glad you had fun at the crop, and I saw how your hubby helped with the dishes. He's a keeper, I would say!

Thanks for the visit. Happy WOYWW from #1.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've really enjoyed seeing the crop from someone else's perspective! Great photos that really capture the fun and friendliness of the day :-)
I visited your pics of your weekend on the other post too...what a gorgeous place to live!!!
Hugs, LLJ 15 xxx

RosA said...

What a great day! And what a great weekend (I looked at your earlier post)! How nice that you could make a mini holiday out of it. I did enjoy seeing all the pics from the crop day. A fabulous get together :)
RosA # 41

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yep, I totally hung in there till the last possible second :) Lovely to see you but it was all too short a time. I never got to say how much I loved your journal page - those fishes made me smile. I did ATCs a while back all with a bit of a fishy theme. I love underwater colours and totally disagree with that whole "blue and green should never be seen" malarky! Add in B&W and it's a magic combo.
See you next year!

Happy pre-anniversary WOYWW!
Mary Anne (3)

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Chris, lovely to see you Saturday. Great shots of the day. Julia has a habit of coming out with something that makes everyone laugh!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #20 xxx

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like fun,and your desk looks like someone works there. Hugs, Valerie

Gez Butterworth said...

What fun Chris! And so deserved. Sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful time :)) Your desk is looking PERFECT too ♥♥

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fun! And your busy desk is great !

MrsC.x said...

looks like you all had a great time :)
Happy Woyww! Have a great week :)
Charlie.x #11
or find me here

Pamellia Johnson said...

Looks like you had a fab time, and your desk looks like you've been hard at play! hugs :)

Neet said...

Thanks for those great photos Chris. Looks as if everyone was having a fabulous time, so wish I had been there. Next Time maybe?
Hugs, Neet 17 xx

Twiglet said...

So glad you all had such a fab time - we will get there one of these days. x Jo

sandysewin said...

Wow, it looks like a wonderful time!

Happy creating and happy woyww,

Sandy #26

Annie said...

I'm now home from a full on 11 hour day with the munchkins....we'e been everywhere and done everything today so I'm just a little tired lol I'm now nipping around the blogs while I can keep the eyes open.
So lovely to get a sneaky peep at the non posed pics Chris ;-)
Annie x #12

Helen said...

crumbs I don't remember you taking those pictures!! good job you were on that side of me or you'd have had all my gappy teeth on show...
Your desk today does look a bit like "push it back and pile it up out of the way" (I should know, although of course I don't have a proper desk!) Thank you for being so kind about sitting next to me, glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!! Helen 7 (don't the girls and I will be doing the next Port Sunny, Glasgow is on the cards...)

Margik said...

I think you had a fun time, Chris!. I look forward to seeing the ATC's.
Hugs, Mar

Julia Dunnit said...

Do you know, I have no recollection of what I said, but my word, didn't I get a lot of attention!!
your WOYWW 6 monster is well placed, he's got a great view! Adam super impressed at the ten minute card...that sort of thing gives me instant block!

Astrid Maclean said...

Looks as if a lot of fun was had by all! Great photos!!

Hettie said...

Your desk reminds me of Kerplunk!? Dunno why! LOL.
Don't remember you taking pics with moi in there. Love how Fergus has got in on so many pics...withut me trying 😆
Hettie 49

Michelle G said...

That's a huge haul of goodies on your desk, I love having a look at everyone's stash.

Stacy Sheldon said...

you know the smiling faces have stolen your desk's thunder right? :) YAY thanks for sharing these. :)
and have a great trip! ~Stacy #71

Eliza said...

Thanks for part 2 Chris it is great to see the crop through others eyes, it looked like so much fun, thanks again for sharing.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

butterfly said...

I've already spotted you having fun over at Helen's... looks like it was a really great day of crafting and chatting and eating and laughing!
Alison xx