Thursday, 19 February 2015

Be careful what you wish for - part of my Visual Journey!

The inspiration for a journal page came from a fabulous tile I saw in a shop while we were away - didn't photograph it - I thought my memory would serve me well enough and anyway I don't like the idea of folk photographing my stuff that's on sale in a shop in Morecambe!!!
So….got home and set to - Oh Dear!!
The tile I saw had a beautiful flower image in the centre and then drips running down behind it - I guess it was glazed first with the image and then the drips added. It was really vibrant - it was also quite expensive!

I drew and painted the image, painted with Paper Artsy Frescos and then used PA Matte Glaze over it - OK so far - then the drips….. well they just went their own way - I think if I'd added more I would have made it worse! I wiped off the paint from the image -laughed and the words I wrote on the bottom came into my head - added a dictionary quote and called it a day!!!

As you can see I had a few problems - so many that I'm afraid in the end I think I made the best of a bad job! 

I am going to link to Brenda's Visual Journey blog party just because I feel that Journalling isn't all about the perfect - I tried and it didn't work - move on!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Rosie Schirrmeister said...

Wow, this is a wonderful page, Chris. It smells like Spring

Julie Ann Lee said...

I so agree with you about journal pages, Chris. They don't have to be perfect, but a record of your crafty experiments and if you never experiment you never have 'accidents' and no accidents equals no learning or progress. I've no idea what the inspiration tile looked like , but I think your drips look rather good however much these don't come up to your expectation. So I have to say I like your journal page and like Rosie it makes me think of spring. xxx

Sue said...

Hello Chris.
I had to laugh, as I have had experience with drips doing their own thing....symbolic maybe.
When you look at this page in the future, you will remember the tile, and how you felt, this is what a journal is about; bringing back the memories. It is a great page, don't be so hard on yourself.
A tip: If you want your drips to run a certain direction, first wet a thin paint brush with water and paint it in, then place your watery paint on top, it works 99% of the time.

Brenda Brown said...

Do you know what Chris? You are so right. Too often we worry about something being imperfect in other people's eyes but you have created something that took your on a learning curve and it's so good to record these occasions and value them just as much as other projects. In the classroom I always told my children, you learn from your mistakes as well as your successes and a similar rule applies here. Well done on persevering and finishing the page. I think you did a great job.
Thanks for linking to My Visual Journey.
hugs Brenda xx

Redanne said...

Aren't we just our own worst critics Chris?! Personally, I think your 'mistakes' are really happy accidents because in art there really are no mistakes. I love your page, the colours are just wonderful and your flowers are beautiful. I say - well done you! Hugs, Anne xx

Lynn Price said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I know what you mean that it is not what "was in your mind" when you thought about it..... but it is a beautiful outcome, and I, for one, would never have guessed that those drips were not what you had in mind. But I love it, and would love to see it in a tile! xx Lynn

butterfly said...

Well, I didn't see the original tile, so I can enjoy this on its own merits - and I love the drippage in the background, echoing the colours in the main floral image - and I love the words you've added along the dribbles!
Alison xx

Vintagehandmade said...

The flowers are so beautiful! I love these pages! The colors are fabulous!
Branka xxx