Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A calendar challenge….

….and this is a real challenge for me - it has quite specific rules set by the very talented Darcy at 'Art and Sole'….
So the rules for February were.. 

1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Paint effect caused by using clingfilm or bubble wrap 
3. Add some corrugated card
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from Feb 1st 2015

I am finding it quite difficult to make choices about which parts to keep and this time I am not particularly happy with what I've done...
 ….but at least I got rid of the red flowers!
I covered the butterfly with glossy accents before painting over the page with a mixture of Little Black Dress and Snowflake Fresco paints(Paper Artsy) so that I could rub off any overlapping paint.
Bubble wrap printed using Concrete and LBD Frescos and used butterfly stamps straight onto corrugated card for the small butterfly and onto tissue and stuck it onto another piece of CC. I covered the bottom of the calendar with black card and used a page from a leftover calendar from some Christmas gifts! When hubby saw it it he pulled a face and said it looked a bit funerial so I added some pink on a bubble stamp!
Although I am way out my comfort zone with this so far I must say I am really enjoying this challenge!!!

Off to make the link to Darcy's blog now,
Thanks for looking, Chris


massofhair said...

LOVING the bubble wrap technique it makes a lot fantastic stressed dots which look amazing on your page. The corrugated butterfly is beautiful and adds a lot of texture. Don't listen to your Husband it looks great Chris! :-) xxx

She King said...

Love your Calendar Chris. xxx

Pamellia Johnson said...

Wonderful transformation Chris! I love the purples and your butterflies are beautiful! hugs :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure how I missed this one Chris. I was on my way to visit your desk, and happened on this. I'm SO glad I didn't join this challenge, but at least I have everything I need to meet it. I really adore the way you8 incorporated the butterfly AND the one you made from CC. It is stunning, too. Had to laugh at hubby's comment. He's a REAL art critic, isn't he? Good for him. In the end, I am in love with this, and glad to see you are enjoying the process.

Redanne said...

I think your calendar page is beautiful Chris, especially with those gorgeous butterflies on it - much nicer without those red flowers - in my humble opinion! Hugs, Anne xx

Buttons said...

Think this is a vast improvement on the original Chris! Jenny x

butterfly said...

Love the bubble wrap stamping and the corrugated butterfly and, as the others have said, a definite improvement!
Alison xx

Darcy UK said...

wow such a transformation. I was really surprised by the original... I love it when the new art takes the page in a completely new direction. Great bubbling, adds fabulous texture.

Anonymous said...

I love this. You transformed it brilliantly and sometimes I think we need to step back from our work and appreciate it as a whole. Of course my March page is a disaster at the moment so need to do some self talking. Well done you!

Ruth said...

What a fabulous transformation, love what you did with the page and the colour palette, using concrete with pink gives such a contemporary feel to it. ( funerial? where did that come from?) The butterflies finish it off a treat. Hugs Ruth x

Kezzy said...

Oh wow wow your calendar page looks so amazing, the background is awesome and I love how you kept the butterfly. Stunning. Happy Art :-) Kezzy xxx