Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Well that week soon disappeared! We went up to our caravan last Thursday and back again last night after a babysitting and pancake making session with our grandchildren - none went on the floor and only one slightly shrivelled in the pan effort!!

We only got back just before 9 last night and then it was cup of coffee and Death in Paradise(if you've never seen this it's a real treat, sadly the last one in the series last night)so bags are still unpacked and nothing on my desk. 
However I did take a photo of the table at the caravan mid invitations yesterday
I had a little production line going - I know...most unlike me to be organised and I have more than half finished now!
I was pleased that my son and fiancé finally settled on a reasonably easy card to assemble and I've been able to use my distress inks and  stencils!

Now for an apology - I didn't get back to some lovely people who left comments last week - the connection for most of the time was dreadful, I don't know why it never used to be that bad, we sometimes don't have a phone connection at all either or it cuts out halfway through a conversation and I'm unable to get back to the person I'm speaking to - maybe I need a new phone (still debating the i-phone/pad or whatever!!!)

Off to see the Book Thief today so I'll be back later via the link on Julia's Stamping Ground - where would we be without her?!

Thanks for looking, Chris 


Annie said...

We have watched Death in Paradise too and one thing is for certain...I don't want to be put in care home over there :-)
Annie # 49

Twiglet said...

Yes we watched D in P too - not a bad work place is it!! x Jo #60

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Chris, glad your invitation making is going well. Always a bonus when the design is not too complicated to mass produce.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41 xx

butterfly said...

Love the embossing on those cards, and the heart on panel design is gorgeous. Have decided I must read The Book Thief before seeing it, so that'll be a DVD job probably then!
Alison x

Jackie said...

Chris thanks for visiting already
Your night of pancake making with the grand kids sounds lovely
Jackie 36

Dianne said...

Hello Chris, thanks for stopping by my nest, well they are a gorgeous set of card, I find a production line make work ( a production line is work LOL ) go much quicker, like Christmas cards, I'm sure they love them made especially with love. your weekend sounds so lovely and so English, love it.. Some times we can't get to see everyone we want to and that's okay, I learned that from the lovely Miss Darnell, you certainly have a good reason why, my Sis in Cambridge some tomes has problems with her connection.
Hope you have a wonderful week and some fun at your desk, ((( BIG HUGS )))..Dianne #80

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are quick on visiting this week, and it seems I just visited you hours ago (grin).

I'm so glad your son decided on this lovely setup, and I'm sure you are pleased, too. Looks like you have everything you need to make them. I've never heard of D in P. It must not have made it across the pond, yet.

Thanks for visiting me earlier today. Happy WOYWW from #1.

Neet said...

We only watched a couple of episodes of the new DinP - didn't do it for us I am afraid. Sorry.
Good news that your son ad future DIL settled on the invites - even better that they are in a style you like and enjoy.
See you PS no doubt?
Hugs, Neet 8 xx

Angela Radford said...

It looks as though there will soon be activity here, everything is just resting lol!
Happy crafting, Angela x63

glitterandglue said...

What delightful looking invites, Chris. Well one you!! Did you design them as well as make them?
Glad you had a good time up at the caravan.
have a great week.
Margaret #13

Carole said...

Yes my man and I were always excited if we could find an episode of DinP...I think you have to be organized to do mass good going. Carole #84

Nan G said...

Oh wow! The invitations are turning out gorgeous! Not familiar with the tv show as it's not o'er here. :) Love my iPad and I have a gizmo called MagicJack which let's me run my landline phone thru my iPad! It is so cool. Also makes it easier for peeps to hear me on the phone since I have a problem with my vocal cords and can't hang on to the dang phone. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #101

sandy scott said...

Excellent post, I will be checking back regularly to look for updates.
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Lynn Holland said...

Wish we had been to our caravan, the poor thing must be feeling lonely. Happy days to come

peggy apl said...

Dropping by to say hi! I've never heard of Death in Paradise but now I am curious! Good job on the production line!
Happy WOYWW!
peggy aplSEEDS@28