Saturday, 29 March 2014

A few photos

Ah yes! Just a few!!!! We had the most fantastic time - flew to Rome, caught a train to Florence, stayed in a lovely little hotel quite close to the station, saw some fantastic art, great buildings, ate some delicious food and packed quite a lot into the three days we had there! 
This was our view from the bedroom window

I think this view while we were eating at the Uffizi made the food taste better!
We were told this church -S Miniato al Monte was the best in Florence - I have to agree - it was near to Piazalle Michaelangelo across the river with a lot of steps to climb.
We also had this great view......
although this is the one that most people enjoy too
We ate out in some unusual settings - the pizza was great but the decor was amazing

I just couldn't resist this - the guy had just gone in for his lunch!

I will be back with more photos but Saturday is Happy Stampers Day so it will be a lot later!
Thanks for looking, I'm looking forward to bit of a blog catch up too now we have some appointments out of the way! Chris


Sarah Anderson said...

Florence is on my travel wish looks stunningly beautiful x

Artyjen said...

Ooh Chris do you have to book to eat at the uffizi? And....where was the pizza place? Can't wait to you had a fabulous time.
xoxo Sioux

Julie Ann Lee said...

Now, that's my kind of break! I love Florence; I must persuade my DH he needs to go back! I love these photos and can't wait to see more. Julie Ann xxx

patcrafts said...

I love Florence I was there quite a number of years ago feel I should go back and see more, love your photos, the weather looked good too. xx

Redanne said...

Oh Chris, your photos are fabulous! What a gorgeous place Florence is (sigh), I have never been, but would dearly love too.

I looked for you for ages inside and kept going into the big coffee lounge but could not find you. So sorry, I would loved to have had a chat. I met up with Rachel and Gwen and then Neet, all blog friends so I spent more time chatting than buying! Great for the old wallet. It was so busy..... next time we will have to plan! Look forward to seeing ore of your photos now. Hugs, Anne xx

Dianne said...

Hello Miss Chris, I'm so happy you had a wonderful time, great weather, you photo's are awesome, can't wait to see the rest, thanks for sharing your holiday with us, have a wonderful day, ((( BIG HUGS )))....

butterfly said...

Aaaahhhh... this post has made me happy. It's more than a quarter of a century since I was there, but Florence remains one of the cities I love most in the world - it helps that I was young and in love when I visited it, I guess! - but it really is the most beautiful place. Thank you for sharing these photos... looking forward to more!
Alison xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Ah, thanks for this tour. I'm off to see more, now. But first, I wanted to thank you for these photos. I was in awe of the lighting that actually looked like a cut pizza (grin)!