Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Saatchi Gallery Paper Heaven!

I must say I was unsure about this gallery - I had been to the Tate Modern the day before and been disappointed, mainly because the large hall was out of commission and I felt that the building lacked character. However, I was blown away by the atmosphere here and the amazing artwork!
Hubby refused to come in but I so wish he had! He has a very 'anti' attitude to modern art(he's not that into art generally but modern - aaaggh!)but when I rang him halfway round and suggested that he came in he still wasn't keen.
This is what he missed -

We started on the top floor where there are lots of electronic displays, I took videos but not sure how to put them on my blog so may come back with them another day.My granddaughter and I spent some time in here along with some West Indian students who asked her to twirl around and then we spent some time laughing at our hands and teeth flashing!!!
Eventually we moved down a floor - Wow! I'll just show you the photos and recommend that you actually try to go and take a look yourself as there were far too many wonderful thing to see!This 'Paper' exhibition is on till the 3rd of November
I loved Daniel Kelly's architectural themed pieces (see below too)
Jodie Carey had several huge paper flower displays
This Jessica  Jackson Hutchins sofa was brilliant

Dominic McGill's work fascinated me - mainly for the variety of writing styles used - I did spend quite some time here

Em loved this one
Paul Westcombe's coffee cups were fascinating if a little risqué (didn't spend much time with Em here!)

Ry Fyan's zentangle drawings were amazing
Yuken Teruya had done the most amazing thing with paper carrier bags

A fabulous piece by Silke Schatz
Marcelo Jacome's paper installation had Em's attention for a while
We had told my patient hubby that we would probably be out in an hour - Oops! Just over two hours later we emerged to find him sitting on a bench doing a crossword from the freebie paper!
I do hope the links are useful but I really hope that you get a chance to visit this amazing exhibition!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Zue said...

What he missed!
I need to go.
Paper is so versatile.
Thanks for posting.

Annie said...

Hi excited about Thursday x will be lovely to meet up with you.

Crafty hugs
Annie x

butterfly said...

Oh my word - this exhibition looks astonishing. Thank you so much for the heads-up... looks like the perfect way to escape from the house-moving horrors for an afternoon!
Alison xx