Friday, 30 August 2013

Look what you've done to my desk Tim!

Well, the workshop with Tim Holtz was everything I expected it to be - and some!!!!
I took this picture from round the door while waiting in the queue and look who's right there!!
The next thing I'm in the door and right in front of me is the new slimline Lindsay Mason
Pretending to be a shop assistant(which she sort of was at the time!)
 Then…the journey begins
I was listening but couldn't resist taking a quick piccie!
We soon set to making our tag books - all concentrating hard

My friend Joanne  waiting for a different colour I think
Joanne won a huge goodie bag in the raffle!! 
We all had a lovely pile of goodies in front of us but the colours were different in each pack so we were encouraged to share - even though we got to take them home at the end - in fact most of what you see came home with us plus apron, bag, Tim's Compendium of Curiosities II and a scrubby! A very generous gesture!
Lindsay did the rounds as personal shopper
A brilliant idea, several of us had started a bag of shopping before the workshop started - we checked it in and then if we saw something that caught our eye we could add it to our bag via the personal shopper - I added a lettering stencil!
I sat next to Heather (Lindsay's sister but also a brilliant artist and journaller with a blog here)
 The morning ended far too quickly but there was still time for a photo with Tim
Tim even gets his own halo!
The tag book - still to be finished

Joanne had had to dash off and rescue hubbie but I headed down to meet up with blog friends(some of us had already spent an evening laughing till we cried with Jennie Boxall(Artistic Stamper) - couldn't possibly divulge details)
Back - Alison(Butterfly - Words and Pictures), me, Brenda Brown - (Bumblebees and Butterflies), Sue(Stamping Sue Style), Annie(Curious and Crafty treasures) Front-Rita(RMG creations) and Jenny(Buttons - Pushing the right buttons)
It really was great to meet up with these ladies and put faces to names and have a natter

So - what happened when I got home - 
I finished this - started in my hotel room on Wednesday…...
…and up early this morning - I started this in my new big Dylusions journal (bought yesterday)
Thanks for the lovely day Tim and team but my goodness, look at the messy desk you've made me make!!!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Artyjen said...

Whooo! Looks like you had a fab-u-lous time! Only wish I could have been there ;) So much going on here over past few months....getting there will share soon...ish!! SF and I still having fun and getting distracted! Ha ha :)
xoxo Sioux

Carol Yates said...

Hi Chris, looks like you had a fantastic tim e! My finger genuinely slipped then, so I will leave it as it must have meant to be! Am green with envy!

Monique said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun and I guess he'll see it as a compliment when he made you make a messy desk =).
xx Monique

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wow! It sounds as if you had such a wonderful time! Isn't it great to laugh until you cry - nothing better! I love the photos on this post. There were a few names I've come to know and now I can put faces to them. I would so love to meet some of my new blog friends some day. Your little tag book looks so lovely. Thank you for sharing what must have been a lovely, lovely time! Julie Ann xx

She King said...

Hi Chris, great photos....Lindsay does look very slimline, doesn't she? Glad you had a wonderful time....Your picture with Tim and the 'girls' is brilliant...Glad you got to meet up with Heather and Lindsay. I'll be in touch soon.. Love S x

kay said...

Fabulous pics and glad you enjoyed it. Was a amazing workshop, I attended the afternoon one with my friends, pics on my blog if you want a peek x

Rita said...

Fabulous pictures Christine. Like you we had a fantastic 2 days. Love your Journal. Hugs Rita xx

Sarah Anderson said...

What a beautiful tag book. Looks like a fabulous day, especially meeting up with blogging friends - I do love the internet for that! Fab journal pages too

CoventryAnn said...

Never mind the desk, your books both look fabulous!

Buttons said...

Great to meet up with you Chris and what a fabulous time we had! Hope you don't mind if I save the group shot as it was so special to have everyone together. Love that you have been so inspired with your journal since then. Huge hugs, Jenny x

pearshapedcrafting said...

It certainly was fun! Of course you can have the photo - of the two it was the best - the other was a little out of focus! cx

Annie said...

Fabulous photographs was so lovely to meet with you. I had the best time and the workshop was wonderful.

Hope to see you next time

Crafty hugs Annie x

Kath said...

lovely to meet you Chris on sure was a fun fun day and oh boy you've been busy...loving the art journalling..hope you don't mind but I have borrowed (stolen) the group photo for my blog...hugs kath xxx

Heather said...

We had a wonderful time, didn't we, and I came home loaded with goodies! Love what you've done in your new journal - must make a start on mine (and finish my tag book) when I get some "crafty" time. A great two days! Heather x

Heather said...

We had a wonderful time, didn't we, and I came home loaded with goodies! Love what you've done in your new journal - must make a start on mine (and finish my tag book) when I get some "crafty" time. A great two days! Heather x

Zue said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Glad it exceeded your expectations. What is a scrubby?
Sue xxx

BJ said...

So cool to see the day from other perspectives. Thanks for the visit BJ#16

butterfly said...

Great photos from a fabulous day! It was so lovely to meet you in person...
Alison xx