Sunday, 4 August 2013


While here I'm not getting much more than doodling done in my Art Doodle Love - the fantastic book by Dawn deVries Sokol.
This is one I started ages ago but never managed to show you
Doodle every day for a month were the instructions for this page(about something for which you are grateful) 
I am hopping around the book so have several unfinished pages that I hope I can show you soon!
This afternoon we went for a walk around Beetham - just off the A6 near Milnthorpe. We found a nice tearoom that has only been open for 8 weeks and best of all the Saxon church was open. I love finding carved faces and these were beauties! Don't know who the two grand figures above the door were but I like to think that the other figures were locals who helped in the building of the church!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Zue said...

I just love your doodles. Jenny Doh has a new doodle book coming out, and it looks good too. Those faces are so beautiful. Some look crisp and more modern.
I must go there one day:)
Sue xxx

butterfly said...

Love your mini-doodles - the page as a whole looks so cool. And thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of the church.
Have a great week.
Alison x

Julie Ann Lee said...

I love doodling! Your pages look so pretty and what a great idea to have themed doodles! I must look out for this doodle book! I also really like carved faces - these are magnificent and well photographed. Your day out sounds lovely - I'm a great fan of tea shops!!! Julie Ann x