Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pretty Late!!

Before I show anything at all I would like to welcome my new followers and say "Thank You" for signing up!
So, I'm here to get in before it's too late for last weeks Sunday Stamper challenge!Hels chose the theme 'something pretty' and I've had these here cards that came in a Birthday book (from Wilkinsons) that I'm going to alter - but that's another time!
I knew I would use the cards but it was only when I saw this challenge that the idea really came to light. At the moment I only have two complete but I'm quite pleased with them

The Dancing Ladies are CI346"Dancing until 1 o'clock" stamp with the background cut off. I coloured them with some of the few promarkers I have up here(Oh yes! We are away again!)
I finally found some little round doilies at Kitten and the Goat in Kendal which I think fit nicely here!
Oh! The cards - they are a right mixed bunch but I have plans for most of them!

Thanks for looking, Chris
Oh! and I will remember to link this to Hels' blog!!!


Hels Sheridan said...

very pretty indeed hun, was great to see you the other day too... have a good weekend x

Carol Yates said...

Morning Chris, Happy Mother's Day! They are very pretty, I like the doilies.

Joanne said...

What a super idea Chris. You can pick up cheap cards but they are usually that because they are awful. Your idea to alter them is fun too.

Sarah Anderson said...

and so you should be, they're lovely

Sue said...

So, so pretty, doilies have many uses, don't they? Nice work, Chris!

butterfly said...

They're really enchantingly pretty, Chris! Love the colouring on both images, and the doily placement variation (hmmm... it's late - well, it is here - out come the polysyllables!). Look forward to seeing what you come up with on the rest of the cards - what a lovely upcycling/repurposing or just plain old recycling!
Alison x