Friday, 1 June 2012


Not my words, but Hels' own words for my contribution to the Sunday Stamper Challenge! I finished off the piece we started at Hels' workshop last Sunday. I had such a great time with some lovely people and learnt so much - you can stamp with gesso(did you know)! OK! I'll stop there before you tune in to the fact that I know so little!!!'s the 'Words' side..
and the backside (so to speak)
I do hope I got this right- the concept Hels wanted to teach us was 'balance' and we had a basic little selection of goodies to use in our own way but to balance where we placed them. As you can see the 'basic ingredients' were beautiful and Hels showed us some great ways with inks, stains, gesso and stamps.
The morning was spent making this

Now, you think this looks nice, but look.....
it's got 4 sides - and you'd never guess how it started out!!!
As you can see it's no wonder I had such a good day - as did everyone else, Hels is soooo talented and I really would recommend you attend one of her workshops if you get a chance and I would definitely, definitely take a look at her blog.
Thanks for looking, Chris


Hels Sheridan said...

aw bless you, you are a sweetie! Love how your Composition Alley finished up, gorgeous! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper x

Gez said...

Great photos Chris. Lovely to see what you made in the afternoon. Thanks for a wonderful morning. Enjoy the weekend. Gez.xx

Karen said...

fab makes, am a distinct shade of peeled paint going on to emerald! one day i will do a class with Hels - your tag alley and the box are fabulous, i especially love the colours and the box is so cute hugs Karen x

Aquarius said...

great projects and how lucky to have been to a Hels workshop - I'm envious

Redanne said...

Love both your projects, I went on the Saturday workshop (had a fab time too) but no, I didn't know you could stamp with gesso - wow, must try that.