Monday, 23 April 2012

Having fun!

Yesterday we managed to surprise my hubby and now I can breath again! He is 60 today but I knew that he wouldn't want a big fuss so my sons arranged to take him out for lunch. If we'd been at home I would have had no chance of a surprise, so being at the caravan was the only option....and we did it, although he was becoming a little frustrated with the fact that I was sooo slow getting ready to leave!(he had plans on taking me to lunch on the way home)
This was just after our grandchildren had appeared at the door! Lunch was lovely and we had a saunter by the canal afterwards.
We also had a great day in Settle on Saturday,and for once it wasn't raining! Had to visit Cottontail crafts of course, but only bought some buttons and some squares of fabric for making brooches. 
The views on the way were fantastic
 These trees just stood out on the horizon and we had to stop to take a piccy.
On our way back we had coffee and scones at Country Harvest near Ingleton and also picked up a few food goodies.
I took my little sketchbook with me for the weekend and spent some time doodling
This one started and finished
This one started some time ago but I wasn't happy with it

In between making cards for April birthdays(piccies still on my phone)and making secret arrangements, I also played a little with my Neocolours
Just blobbed and then drew in what I saw (oh dear!)
I did some scribble pictures some time ago too after looking at Carla Sonheims blog.
Finally some pictures from the garden at the caravan.
Primroses and forget-me nots

My lovely tree stump - which now has foxgloves growing in the top!
and this beautiful cloud formation on Saturday evening

Back home and time to blog! I have deliberately not blogged because I wanted to make sure the problem had gone away -it has- but now I'm wondering - what has happened to blogger?
Thanks for looking, Chris


Sue said...

The photographs are really stunning and the doodle you are not happy with is my favourite:)
You have been very creative both with the fun faces and your photography...happy days:) Lovely work!

Jez said...

Your cloud picture is marvellous, and I absolutely love your doodles. Jez XX

Nora MacPhail said...

I love your sketchbook with the patterned pages. Awesome.
Happy Creating!