Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Something funny happened...

I bought some new neo colours -no that's not funny!I also followed a link to Andy Skinner's blog(or that!)
Andy has a clip on his blog about primary colours so I decided to test the theory - and it works! I couldn't resist drawing in some features - see the funny little blue duck here. 
 I also had a go at mixing yellow and red and ended up with the little punk boy!
I then thought I would do a test of all my colours
Through the rainbow colours here (neutral colours -not nearly so interesting on another page)I then decided to look at how they mixed with the next one down - to clean my brush I just swiped it on the paper I had torn out to test making the blue. It was only when I was sitting watching tv that I noticed that I could see little fishies!So I had to put the duck and the boy in the water! Hope you don't think I'm losing itLOL!!

Thanks for looking, Chris


Joanne said...

That last page alone is a masterpiece.
Hugs Joanne xx

Sue said...

Well, even if you are losing it, it is fun to watch your decline:)

You have a great imagination.....keep at it!

Sue said...

I met Andy at a workshop near where I live about 18 months ago...such a talented guy... :)