Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Very Clever!

Not me of course - I'm talking about one of my sons(actually they are all far more clever than I LOL!)
He went through a tough time last year when his partner walked out on him and my two lovely grandchildren, now he is at last using his talent and the other week this fabulous canvas went up on his wall.

It is huge!!(a square metre I would think) As you walk past it appears to move! I am just so proud of him as he has done this in the little spare time he gets!

My little tatty flowers are in total contrast with this!
These are similar to some I gave to some crafting buddies at the weekend - they are such fun to make and I can sit and sew them on my knee in the evenings!

Off for a fun filled morning now, Chris


Gwen said...

Hope you do have lots and lots of fun.
Your son's picture is amazing. I see waves rolling towards is a very clever design.
Clever family!

patcrafts said...

What a talented family, your sons canvas is amazing and I love your flowers. Hope you had a fabby crafting weekend and lots of fun this morning. I spent the afternoon in the Apple Store setting up my ipad and it's all still a mystery to me.xx

Gez said...

Wow! What an amazing canvas Chris.

Lovely to see more of your scrummy flowers. I am SO lucky and proud of mine. :-D