Sunday, 11 March 2012

And now for....

...something completely different! The book in my last post has loads of inspiration - as well as being an amazing collection of different styles of journaling! 
This page recently caught my eye
and led me to have a go at this style.
This was a bit of a cheat really as I haven't visited any of these places, the photos were in the weekend supplements and I sat doing this on my knee one night while having one eye on the TV!
The lamp is there because it was one of my light bulb moments(they are few and far between LOL) 
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to journal
We went away to one of my favourite places (our caravan) this weekend with two of our grandchildren and doodled a bit in quite moments(there weren't many) but didn't manage to paint anything in, so will come back to show you my page when it's complete.(No idea why I can't start at the left!!)
Thanks for looking, Chris


patcrafts said...

What amazing drawings, you are quite an artist, it's a brilliant page.I had this book but gave it to someone as a present, maybe I ought to buy it again.xx

Artyjen said...

How wonderful your paintings are....and the lamp especially! ;)
xoxo Sioux

Sandra Hall said...

I've got that book too Chris - it is fab:) You've made an excellent job with your sketched page - I love it - I don't think it matters whether you've been to those places - its all about the process, what's in your heart, what you wanted to draw etc :D

Cath Wilson said...

00Ooh, some lovely pages here - lovely to browse and you're now in my journalling 'hit list' lol. Thanks for your comment but oh, how naughty to show us a book that looks so interesting! My wishlist is getting bigger and bigger x

Carol said...

I like your site I have just told my mum about you, see has a blog,
thank you for leaving a comment on mine, ive seen your calendar pages they are very good.

Jez said...

Chris, I really enjoyed looking at your site. My daughter, Carol (see previous comment!) just emailed me to recommend your site because it was the kind of work I like to see, and to do. I'll keep watching.

Gwen said...

I have my fingers crossed for you...stay positive, it's A GOOD PLACE TO BE