Monday, 26 March 2012

Sorted - almost!

What a great weekend I've had! After my disappointment at not being able to attend Hels' workshop on Saturday it turned out to be all's well that ends well -almost! 

House viewers came ...and went(still on hold with that one)after which hubby and I headed to "Better Bathrooms" in Manchester(we had a VERY bad experience with the Bathstore and I refuse to ever enter one of their doors again! Buuuut! on stepping through the doors of 'BB' hubby's light turned on - up to now he has left most of the choosing to me. The range is fantastic and if we hadn't already bought so much from one our great DIY stores we could have spent all our money there! We did however find fantastic taps and tiles (and the short bath - finally) and hubby surprised me with his choice and we totally agreed on our purchase -YIPPEE!!

Anyway - enough ranting about domestic stuff - Sunday came and saw me charging driving sedately up the motorways to DB Studios for a workshop with the fantastic Hels Sheridan. I set off early with the intention of catching up with some crafting buddies during the lunch break and it really was great to meet up with Joanne and Gez again - I was also able to sit next to my friend Sarah during the workshop! It was especially good to finally meet Hels too as I have followed her blog for a looong time! Her samples were amazing! The only stupid thing is - took my camera, but no photos of the event at all!!
I have never known an afternoon fly so quickly and it was all over far too soon! It was great to learn new tricks with distress inks and stains. 

Hels explained techniques so well and I can't wait to try some of them out! 
Gez brought me this fantastic ATC, I love this girly!

It was a really great afternoon.......except for one thing! I had always thought(maybe naively)that crafters looked out for each other but one mean spirited crafter (must have been, or why else would they be in a craft shop) helped themselves to a shed load of Hels' personal craft supplies. It took the edge off totally ruined what should have been a happy experience for all and I hope whoever did this gets their just desserts - YOU ARE A THEIF!!!

I'll be back later with an amazing piece of art work(not mine)!!!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Artyjen said...

What a amazes me sometimes what people do!
Pity I could not get up there for the workshop it sounded fun apart from the theft!
xoxo Sioux

Gwen said...

There are some rats in the world ....what a shame. Glad you enjoyed the workshop. I gather you missed Saturday, but managed to attend a Sunday workshop instead.

Have fun

Gez said...

Hi Chris, it was lovely to meet up with you again :-) Pity we couldn't have sat nearer.. I did see your gorgeous watercolour journal from afar!! :-) Glad you liked the little Atc.. Your tags are looking great.. wasn't it fun getting inky and messy!

I was hoping to email you and thank you properly this morning but I'm not sure I've got your correct email addy.

Good luck with your bathroom.


Gez said...

ggr! my comment has disappeared instead of publishing.. error 503 appeared :(

It was great to meet up with you yesterday as I know you said you were coming on the Saturday! A lovely surprise :-) wasn't it great to get inky and messy :-)

Thank you again for my very pretty brooch.. I have admired that style for so long! I am thrilled.xx

I was hoping to email you this morning but I'm not sure if I have your correct email addy..

Love, love, love your tags ♥♥

Good Luck with the bathroom, your tiles sounds gorgeous.xx

Gez said...

Oh, nice one Mr Blogger!!!!!

bedtime.... me thinks!

Night Chris.xx

Joanne said...

I hope you can make the next batch of workshops Chris. I booked whilst there and was no 6 or 7 on the list so they will book up fast. I'm still boiling about the thief and will give HELS a few pointers before we gather again.
Hugs Joanne xx