Saturday, 11 February 2012


Not what you're thinking - I haven't caught up with that particular technology - yet! 
These are my version of some little birdies that I loved in the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors made by Ann Ellis.
I made seven altogether, they are supposed to go onto coffee stirrers or skewers but my downsizing/tidying has resulted in my not being able to find them LOL!Hopefully I will find them soon and I can pick a stick each day to inspire me (or not) 
Here are the five good little birdies
They are going to help me in my toils to clear the clutter!
Here are the naughty birds
 I like these best because if I choose them I get time off to play, he! he!

Hope you like them, Chris

ps if you want to see more colourful birds go to Kate's blog here and Ann has work in an exhibition at Manchester Royal Exchange


Joanne said...

oh these are so cute.
Hugs Joanne xx

patcrafts said...

Your birds are really cute, love them. I was at AFTH yesterday and Kate brought her birds with her to show us. I am just going to have to make some.xx

Gwen said...

These little fellows are WONDERFUL....each has it's own charcter and they will be amazing wherever you put them. They would make an interesting collage:)
Have a fun week.....will you be making more of them?
(aren't all birds naughty?:)...just think of all those worms that they murder:)

Ann Ellis said...

Loving your birds, Chris! What fun to stir your drinks with! Thanks too for the mention.

Gwen said...

Just popped back to say thanks for the encouraging comment about cats and their mission to trip us up...I feel much better now. What are you doing creatively next?

Jenny said...

These are so cute! My daughter Bea and I made these too. We had so much fun and were inspired to use the same technique on other shapes and for holiday decorations. (hearts, Easter eggs to hang from a tree branch, Christmas tree ornaments, etc.)