Friday, 3 February 2012


At last time to play without feeling that I'm stealing time!
Yesterday I spent time catching up with the Strathmore online workshops by Traci Bautista. I signed up for these way back but have had little time to play until now.
After catching up I felt inspired and got my paints and inks out and started to play. Traci's new book "Doodles Unleashed" is due out and is definitely on my wish list.
This is as far as I got yesterday, it is an A3 piece of paper so I'm right out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed building up layers. Then as Traci does I took small shots of selected areas.

   I will use these either for some digital art journaling or print off to doodle onto.

I am still doodling into the large piece and will show you how I get on. The aim then is to cut it up and use as backgrounds - I may even paint the back and use to make some little books(back to my comfort area)

Thanks for looking, Chris


patcrafts said...

This is gorgeous, love the colours and all the layers can't wait to see what it looks like when you have doodled.I got Traci's book Doodles for Paper crafters, it's good.xx

MollyGirl said...

i love what you've done here. i signed up for those classes, too, but have not had time to even take a peek at the site yet. you've inspired me to get out there and give it a go. your work is beautiful!