Sunday, 26 February 2012

Missing my mojo!

In my rush to clear the decks before my house was photographed I cleared all surfaces, unfortunately that included some rather important papers(this was nearly three weeks ago)that have still yet to make an appearance! Most importantly though, I think my mojo may be with them, either that or he has been packed up and taken to the flat!!
Not to worry I thought - they'll turn up.....won't they?
So, I've tidied, sorted and ditched more STUFF!!! Then sat down to read my latest copy of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and read through some ideas for art prompts....still nothing...then, onto good old blog hopping, starting with my favourites and "Whoopee!!", thanks to Gwen at Foxglove Hill I was inspired, and linked to one of those art prompts I grabbed my 'car journal', (kept in the glove box for those moments when I'm either waiting to pick up hubby or I'm being driven by hubby)and started to stick!! The little journal was from Paperchase last year and has repeated pages throughout so a little bit uninspiring - I have(had lol!)loads of scraps, (don't we all?) so how better to sort through and get rid than to use some up and at the same time make more decisions about what to keep/not keep etc. 

This is the original page, the three above are covered with scraps(some already stamped out
 and I did allow  a little bit of extra stamping)
The next original page.... and what I did with the others
this was one I started while waiting one day

I know it's only sticking but I spent a whole day just doing that and ok, mojo is still missing but I enjoyed myself and I've lots more to show you another time AND I don't have mountains of scraps anymore!
Off to watch Dancing on Ice in a while - just watching the penalties, Liverpool v Cardiff, then to ring my grandson(a Liverpool supporter - so come on Liverpool!)
Thanks for looking, Chris


Gwen said...

I love what you have done on these pages. They are so pretty and each one is different and isn't glueing great?! Brilliant art!!!!!
Thank you so much for the mention:))))

Artyjen said...

Hey you now have some great bases for your art when that old devil mojo returns! ;)
xoxo Sioxu

Sarah said...

Well Chris, I love your sticking! And will be great as prompts for inspiration too ... Had a great morning with you today at St Mary's altering paper; roll on the next one. Sarah x