Friday, 16 December 2011

Feelin' groovy!

I keep singing the first line of this song, as the time just seems to be running away!
I've been quite busy - making things and having time with my grandchildren and the days just seem to have run into each other. At least I know I'm not on my own though as I'm sure quite a few of you are experiencing what I call gingerbread clock lol.

I made some friends some needle felted flowers which they seemed to like.

                 My favourite
I've also made a few cards but with limited time I limited my stamps and made several on this theme

Using one of Lindsay Mason's stamps from her fabulous winter themed stamps 'Build a snowy scene'
I also made several similar to this....
....using a snowman from a set that I think was Inkadinkado from a few years ago. I love him so much I thought it was time he came to play again!

Finally I must show you this, my son gave me this as a surprise present for my birthday this week(I've reached that Beatles song age!) I had requested no presents(it's ok I will get presents at Christmas) but I was so pleased with this - it's a dull old stone cut in half and has the feature carved out and polished...isn't he cute?
 here is the bottom, although the poor light and shaky hand doesn't show it up very well.

Right off to get ready, we're off to see Santa with grandchildren tomorrow. I feel strangely excited.....the magic is getting to me!
Thanks for looking, Chris


patcrafts said...

Love the felted flowers I bet your friends loved them too. As for the cards I like minimalist stuff not being a glitter person.Your little stone owl is gorgeous I have a thing about owls I just love them, in fact I have a thing about all animals.
I'm off to AFTH again tomorrow, lucky me.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and hope we meet again in the new year.xx

Sue said...

Lovely things to show!

I do like minimalist style for cards and yours do hit the spot.
Enjoy Christmas with your grandchildren:)
Sue xx

dandelion dreamer said...

Hello! I found you on Sue's blog. Your little flowerrs are delightful; super presents and that stone is so cute. A lovely surprise. I loved your moshi monster needlefelting... what a grea idea. My grandchildren are also fans. Happy Christmas Moira