Thursday, 8 December 2011

Little monster!

My youngest grandson loves Moshi monsters so when I picked him up from school and the usual question came up -"Are we crafting today Gran?" I told him we were going to do something different but "yes we we were crafting!" I had taken my needle felting bag with me, he chose his favourite monster and we cut out some felt and looked for wooltops in an appropriate colour. He is only 6(and 3/4!)but managed amazing well after having 'the safety talk' - mind your fingers etc. 

We did use my little holding tool for starting off but once he got going as you can see he did quite well

We then came up with a combined effort of an imaginary monster which he stuck to the fridge with a pair of magnets as soon as I had photographed it!
                     Cute huh?

On Wednesday my other grandchildrens' school closed for the strike so I had a lovely day with them too! My eldest grandson loves playing football on the WII(he has to have a time limit or I think he would do nothing else all day!!)so of course it was challenge Gran time - I lost count of the number of own goals I scored lol!
My grand-daughter was able to play with my new toy. 

I had bought her a child's version a while ago but she couldn't manage it(having tried it myself I'm not surprised) but this one she managed quite well, with a bit of help!It makes the most fantastic thick tubes! 
I had some lovely fluffy wool with rainbow colours through it so we made two bracelets on to which I then sewed coloured buttons (she was quite fussy about the choice of colours too)
I only took one photo but they were very similar. She wore them with pride when we picked Daddy up to go out for some tea! - get on with making some presents, but what an awful grey light and rain pounding outside, might need chocolate as well....

Thanks for looking, Chris.


patcrafts said...

Oh I do miss those days when my grandchildren were young enough to still want to "craft" with me.
Love the monsters and the bracelet is so pretty.Not tried needle felting yet probably will sometime as L'pool Lou gets me involved with various sewing projects .xx

Gwen said...

What wonderful makes!
You have a very talented little ''crop'' of grandhildren. The bracelets are so sweet. I am going to give this a try. (Have the needles, but not the brush thing.)