Friday, 7 January 2011

Just couldn't do it!

Let me explain...
I am beginning to feel a lot better although I still feel as if I've left my head behind if I move it quickly,so I haven't been able to sit long at the computer
I've not been doing a great deal lately, I had a few pages to finish off in the grandchildren's books and I still need to bind them. I cheated for a few of the pages and used Shabby Princess digi kits, but I am quite pleased with the results.I had every intention of keeping up each month but hey ho.... 
Maybe this year, no... that is not a resolution but it is something I would like to happen, along with being tidier(some hopes!),losing some more weight(no comment!) and trying something new each week(maybe!)
Here's a favourite page of my beautiful grand-daughter in the Summer 
We met up with a dear friend and her partner on the last day of the school holidays. I had a little cat book as a present for her but it hadn't been wrapped so I raced to get a tag made to go onto a craft paper wrapped parcel. I used one of Lindsay Mason's pussy cats ("Who me?") and some lettering and abstract circles(don't know whose) onto a stormy sky and tumbled glass distress ink splattered background.
 Fortunately she loved it and the book!!
A few weeks ago I showed you this  

 I just couldn't bear to cover the grain on the wood so I did this with it

 Now all I need is to put up a hook to hang it on, it was going to go on the wall above the bedhead but having felt the point while resting it on my knee think this may be a little dangerous!!!

Hope to be back soon with some photos of my books but the light is awful today, snow, sleet, rain, bleugh!!!

Happy New Year to you all, lets hope that 2011 is a good one!

Just a quick "Thankyou" to Sioux, she has prompted me to be honest about my Diabetes type 2. I have been in denial since the beginning of November but her positive attitude has helped me.

Thanks for looking, 

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Est xxx said...

Chris I love that heart its beautiful, and glad you are being honest about the diabetes too, there are lots of bargains left in TKMaxx, get yourself down there and hunt them...upstairs ;-) xxx