Tuesday, 27 December 2016

T Stands For……….the tree and other things...

We have been here there and everywhere over the Christmas holidays so I just thought I'd give you a few photos of our Christmas! 
First the tree...

For a change this year I decorated the tree using silver, glass and white, although my fairy always wears white anyway - I bought her naked - a rather Ruebenesque shape that made us laugh. I made her dress etc and she has been on the top of our tree for the last 10 years or so!

We went to my middle son's house for Christmas lunch having been to visit hubby's sisters on the way!

My GD had the most beautiful jacket..
…she wasn't too keen on my taking a photo though!

Home again and I realised that I needed some decorated envelopes for putting vouchers in…
…followed by a cup a of coffee…in my Christmas mug...

…behind the mug you can see my tidy boxes - everything that lies around gets thrown in them to sort out ….some time!!! 
Of course - the main reason for being here today is to join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday.

Next week will be too late to show this mug as we will be 3 days into the New Year!

Yesterday my eldest son hosted our annual family get together - we save our gift giving until then. 
On the way the sunset was beautiful.

I took photos of my sons…
 ..eldest son with Deisel the dog - surely the most laid back dog in the World!
Next is number two son …
…with tolerant look on his face...

 …the same look matched by Number three son!!!
We played a silly game which involved putting mouth stretchers in and saying well known phrases to everyone else ….fortunately not enough for everyone!!!!
A LOT of laughing went on!!!

Youngest GS with GD, eldest GD's legs in the background!

After the game I had a wander around my sons lovely home - he collects random objects (just like his mother!)and makes lovely things with them…
This ceiling light is made from a cross section of a tree and is hug with different light bulbs.
I couldn't get a photo of the whole wall but it's full of different frames with most of the photos taken by either my son or my DIL.
One of their latest interests is Steampunk and he made this holster from all sorts of different things.
His latest make is for my DIL to hang her jewellery from (it will be mounted on to the wall in the bedroom after Christmas - without the sword)
The sword was made for my GS.

Today has been a quieter day for us! A little trip out to collect an item that was on order and a stop for coffee! Did we go to the sales? No Thank You! 

Thanks for looking, Chris


Valerie-Jael said...

A fun post and lovely photos of the family, looks like a great time was had by all. Enjoy the last few days of the year, and happy t day, hugs Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, I can't believe you passed up a sale. I'm in shock.

Your tree is incredible. Such pretty neutral colors, too. Of course, I liked the tree (and the art) behind your GD (middle son's daughter).

Wow, wow, wow. That mug is fabulous. A very figgy pudding and happy Christmas feel to it. I would have cut those boxes up for art projects if it had been me, though (grin).

I enjoyed seeing all three of your sons together, but missed seeing T. Please tell him hello for me and happy holidays.

Loved the photos of the laughter you shared, and really enjoyed the objects your son collected and turned into glorious art.

I was actually on my way to leave you a message when I saw you had posted. I took lots of photos of my deli paper and plan to send them to you, but shock of all shocks! It's the same thickness. Yep, got out my calipers and show (photos) they are the same thickness. I may not have the chance to send them today, though, because Scott is supposed to come by this afternoon with my new computer. At least that's the plan. If that happens, it will be awhile before I get photos off my camera with my HOPEFULLY transferred software onto my new hard drive.

Thanks for sharing your Christmas and your lovely Christmas cup with us for T this Tuesday.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OMGosh. What happened? I can't believe how much room I apparently added to the bottom of my post without realizing it. MY sincere apology.

Helen said...

great post, sounds and looks an amazing Christmas.. talent obviously runs in your family! I haven't been to the sales either (yet!)

Meggymay said...

Its a super post Chris, your sons look very like each other a remarkable family resemblance. The photos were fantastic as well.
Happy New Year wishes for when we reach the 31st.
Happy T Day
Yvonne xx

Sarah Anderson said...

What a fantastic light fitting. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your gorgeous family

Let's Art Journal said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, so much fun and laughter - perfect :-). Happy T Day may 2017 bring you joy, peace, love and light! Wishing you the very best today and all year long. J :-) x

froebelsternchen Susi said...

It looks all wonderful - you had a perfect family christmas ♥♥♥ Your sons and grandchildren look great and your eldest seems to have the golden hands - as we call it when somebody can do nearly everything in the house by himself- super!!!
I wish you the best possible start into 2017!
Thank you for all the support for me and for AJJ during 2016!
Much love and wishing luck and health for you and the yours!

chrissie said...

What a terrific post I really enjoyed reading it and seeing the wonderful photographs.

Wonder where you will be off to next :)

Love Chrissie xx

johanna said...

wonderful decoration of the tree, love that top-doll:) great you had awesome days with the Family, so now let´s hope for a lucky and healthy 2017! i´m sure you will bring us to many interesting places again!

Neet said...

Phew! Couldn't find where to comment, thought I was suffering from Prosecco Blues (only had 2 glasses over all Christmas) but then found the box later down the page.
Sounds like a super Christmas to me. How lovely to have three sons and spend time with them like that. Love the fact that your son has inherited your craftiness - and all of them your looks! |They do all take after mum!
Have a lovely New Year too - can't wait to hear about it.
Hugs, Neet xx

~*~Patty S said...

It is always fun to have a peek into your world dear Chris.
Lovely to see your handsome sons and surroundings.
Christmas came and went so quickly as the days seem to do.
Glad yours was merry and fun.
Here's to a great new year full of adventures and fun.
I have missed connecting with you while our PC was unplugged.

My name is Erika. said...

I really loved seeing your holiday photos Chris. Everyone looks so happy- and your GD jacket is pretty cool! Your Christmas mug was fantastic too-I think I need a good mug for the holidays. Hope you have a wodnerful start to the new year. And happy belated T day. Hugs-Erika

Gibby Frogett said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas photos Chris - looks like a fun time had by all.
The Ruebenesque comment about your tree fairy made me smile - ahh poor fairy, she looks adorable.
Especially loved the steampunk pieces and the cool lights your son made.
Enjoy the rest of the week and wishing you a wonderful 2017
Gill x

Halle said...

Lovely tree and fun photos.
Happy T day...a day late!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Sounds like you had a lovely joliday (that was a typo but I liked it;-). Thanks for sharing such fun photos of your family. I love your Christmas mug with all the puddings and pastries. Happy T Day! XX Eileen

Karla B said...






Sandy said...

Really enjoyed all of your pictures Chris!
Happy New Year!!
Sandy xx

butterfly said...

Great to get to join in with some of your festivities - how creative your son's work is... as you say, like his mum! We do the full 12 days of Christmas round our way, so I'd be fine with you sharing that mug for at least another six days...
Alison x