Tuesday, 20 December 2016

T Stands for…..the Christmas Market...

and more!
A bit of a mixed bag today for T Stands for Tuesday!
First - my birthday present from hubby - he had overheard me enquiring about these in a shop and then ordered them online for me - such a lovely surprise when I opened them!

Last week we met up with youngest son - he had been working 12 hour days/7 days a week and when I spoke to him at the beginning of the week I was quite concerned about his health. After he had spoken to people he works for and other managers he was able to have that situation changed and managed to get some shorter hours and a day off! 
We met at Moose in Manchester and I was pleased to see a much cheerier son!
Yes - he has two drinks - one was a free Caramel Latte! The other some sort of Peanut Butter milkshake. He is wearing the Christmas Jumper his staff bought him!
I think this alone deserves to be the picture to represent a drink at 

However, we did all have delicious food and drinks

Hubby had a Tuna Sandwich, mine was a pulled pork on Brioche and son had salt beef bagel.
My drink was a sugar free skinny latte.
Our intention was to visit the Christmas Market but we only whizzed through as we had presents to buy so knew where we were heading!
I also had some vouchers to spend so the day went very quickly and we headed back home just before the rush hour.
Yesterday we went in to finish our shopping and have a  proper look around although I didn't take many photos!
This windmill has a bar and cafe underneath.

Naff Santa is still above the door on the beautiful Town Hall(there is surely something better than this?)

The only other photo I took! 
Manchester Christmas Market is huge for sure but there are so many repeats of stalls in different areas although I was pleased to see more local craftsmen/women had stalls this year.

On Sunday we met up with middle son, grandson and granddaughter for lunch and then a walk around the lake at Chorlton Water Park.
I had decided not to take any photos but to walk and talk but near the end of our walk we saw this…
It wasn't very light but we were mystified to see these dolls climbing the tree. I don't know how long they have been there but we walk in this area quite often and have never seen them, a couple passing by said there seems to be a new one each year!!
With my phone camera still in my hand we realised that the sun had appeared very low on the horizon!
The sun then turned various shades of pink and blue...

Finally may I wish you a happy, peaceful Christmas.

Thanks for looking, Chris 


Linda Kunsman said...

Love that fun pic of your son! So glad he was able to get things sorted with that ridiculous work schedule he had. Lots of good food and drink here and I just love your outdoor photos. Happy T day and a Merry Christmas too!

Let's Art Journal said...

Great choice, Moose Coffee is a lovely place and I'm not surprised to treated yourself to two drinks - yummy! It sounds like you got to spend some quality time with your son, loving his jumper :-). The Manchester Christmas markets look wonderful too. Wishing you a Happy T Day and a very Merry Christmas! J :-) x

Meggymay said...

Glad to read you got some family time with your sons. It looks like a delicious meal you all had and its a great jumper for the season that your son was wearing.
Not sure about the tree with the dolls climbing, it seems a bit strange to me, but perhaps its art to other folk.
The market looked good to browse around as well.
Happy T Day.
Yvonne xx

Helen said...

Looks like you have had a very enjoyable birthday - love the pencils, how thoughtful of your hubby! Glad your son has been able to reduce his hours - and love his jumper! Love the tree with the dolls, how fun is that!! Finally, love the sunset; a real treat.

Darla said...

Great picture of your son in his sweater. Everyone needs a Holiday Sweater at some point in their lives, LOL! I think it must be fun to walk around that market but maybe a bit overwhelming unless you have a specific thing you want. Such beautiful skies. Good you had your camera out.

CJ Kennedy said...

Glad your son got some time off. I don't care for how businesses use and abuse their workers. In my day, we were treated so much better. the Christmas market looks like fun. Bet lots of unusual things for gifts. And what could be better than a red sky at night. sailor's delight. Merry Christmas

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really LOVE that sweater your son is wearing. He looks happy, too, now that he has time off. Those two drinks look wonderful, too.

I told Lisca that we don't get those Christmas markets here, so they may be a European thing. So glad to see they have them in Manchester, because they were also in Liverpool (Lorraine showed them on her blog).

Your meals looked wonderful. The bagel sandwich was unique, I think. I enjoyed seeing your latte, too.

You have a real keeper in your hubby. He knows how to spoil you, that's for sure. I've heard those are great pencils. Lucky you.

Your photos of the dolls was a hoot. I laughed when I saw them. But the photos of your evening sky were superb.

Sorry I'm late visiting you. Thanks for sharing your son's drinks (and darling sweater), the Christmas market, the time you spent with both sons, and your food and drinks with us for T this Tuesday. At least it's still Tuesday here.

Dianne said...

I always adore your fabulous photos! some fantastic looking food with your son --love that shirt, too funny! well, the tree climbing dolls are pretty creepy...I suppose it's an art thing, but I don't really get it! just goes to show you'd better look up during your walks ;) especially when you get to see beautiful those pink and blue clouds!

A wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! ♥

Brenda Brown said...

A lovely run down of your week and what you've been up to and great photos. Only 5 more sleeps!!! Xxx

chrissie said...

Happy T Day Chris

Looks like you have had a good week with shopping and meeting up. Pleased you got what you wanted with your vouchers.

The Santa does look awful and it is difficult to imagine who chose it. Love your son's jumper though.

Have a Happy Time

Love Chrissie xx

Anonymous said...

glad to see your son has been given shorter hours and you had time to spend with him. that santa is indeed naff but not as naff as the christmas market in liverpool which is mostly expensive food stalls!..I reckon manchester must have all the good markets. thanks for visiting and you asked about rococcos..its next to the old bhs on lord st opposite liverpool one which I cant stand as prefer old fashioned markets any day..happy christmas

Crafty She said...

Fabulous pictures, as always Chris...I was in Manchester over the's been a while since I'd been..really enjoyed it, especially after an Amaretto Mulled wine!!! Happy Christmas lovely lady, I hope we get chance to meet up in 2017. XXxxxxx

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

That Christmas jumper is too funny! Your son must be a very good sport to wear it in public. I'm glad he got a better schedule. The previous one was insane. Hard to believe companies still expect people to work hours like that. I'm thinking Ebenezer Scrooge. (We just watched the TV version of A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart last night - lol.)

Thanks for sharing your day of shopping and family visit. It certainly ended with a beautiful sunset!

Happy T Day and Merry Christmas, Chris! Eileen

Sandy said...

Loved all of your pictures Chris.
Sandy xx

jinxxxygirl said...

We spent a few years in Germany at the beginning of our 27 years ago... I loved the Christmas markets and just the atmosphere was lovely.. Those pencils!!! I have a full set of Prismacolor coming my way!!!OOOOooooo ... :) Happy Belated T day my friend! And Merry Christmas!! Hugs! deb

My name is Erika. said...

Your son's Christmas jumper made me smile. Here in the US we call them ugly Christmas sweaters-quite the party theme. I think your lunch looks delicious-and it looks cold but I still want to visit a Christmas market. It looks like fun shopping at the holidays. Looking forward to seeing some wonderful colored pencil art in 2017! Happy weekend and Merry Christmas. Hugs-Erika

Lisca Meijer said...

I had to smile at the sweater. It seems to be a fun British thing. I like it.
I'm not sure a schedule like that of your son is legal. Having said that, my husband did hours like that in the factory (with lots of days off as he would have worked too many hours that week) and I had 12 hour shifts working as a nurse on nights. But after 6 of these night shifts, I had done 72 hours which is equivalent of two working weeks, so I got an entire week off after that. And I didn't mind that.
Your son looks quite happy and relaxed. I would too with two of those lovely drinks in front of me. I have never heard of either but they sound super yummy.
Your hubby is an absolute angel to buy you those pencils!
I love Christmas markets but I don't get to go to them very often. Of course i have heard the horrendous news about the Christmas market in Berlin....
Sorry for the late comment. I got busy last night.
Happy belated T-Day and if you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a very happy one,

Mrs.B said...

What a fabulous Christmas Jumper your son is wearing!
Great pictures of the Market and the sunset from your day out.
Hope you have a lovely peaceful Christmas,
Hugs, Avril xx

Divers and Sundry said...

Glad your son was able to work out a schedule that better suited him. I wish we had a Christmas market. There's nothing here anything like it, and it looks like such fun. Love your nature photos. Lovely colors. Happy T Tuesday!

johanna said...

i know about These work schedules for Young People to deal with (my younger son has the same Problem), exhausting! i do not envy them for the time they have before them.
what a wonderful present you got. i have Thesecolor pencils for many years now and am lucky with them as on the first day:) fun experience: there are some few pencils which shorten quickly... your favorite Colors;) but you can restock them individually, so Need not save on them;) enjoy!
wishing you peaceful days - and i am looking forward to many travel hints and wonderful photos in the coming year! xox

Neet said...

We went to the Manchester markets too - I think it is pretty universal that you get repeating stalls though.
My son is 50 and the job he has now has him working 12 hour shifts for 7 days and then 7 off so I think it is just general and not age related. Doesn't make it right though does it?
Love;y photos but please find out about the dolls and let us know the reason behind. You have me all agog!
Hugs, Neet xx

Karla B said...

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