Tuesday, 10 November 2015

T stands for Torrential rain!!

I have missed having T with Elizabeth and Bleubeard and the weekly T Stands For Tuesday gang. Things were a bit rushed last week as we planned on going up to our caravan on Wednesday afternoon after picking GD up from school1 
We had a very relaxing time despite rain every day! We met up with friends, Jo of Jozart blog and her hubby Dave and had a great visit to Farfield Mill.
The weather didn't bother us and we sat and drank coffee and had lunch before having a look around the mill

the menfolk sat and watched a DVD..and chatted!
On the way home we saw that the mountains were disappearing in the mist.

The rest of the time we read a lot, watched some films that we had been trying to find time to watch for ages and had a quick trip into Morecambe.
By the time we had found what we wanted in the shops(dodging the rain on the way)we realised that we wouldn't get home in time for lunch - Oh Dear! Could we stand a lunch at the Rotunda at the Midland Hotel? Ha! ha! of course we could! See here and here for information about this iconic hotel
You would like to see wouldn't you?

Our hot drinks arrived first
Hubby poured you a tea, with 'that' look on his face!!! I had a naughty Mocha(have I told you they make THE best!!)
Then our matching lunches arrived...

……Beer battered fish goujons in a brioche bun, fries, coleslaw and tartare sauce.
We looked outside at the rainy view...

…and tucked in! Calories don't count if it's raining outside - right!?!?!
On the way home we couldn't see the caravan site down the hill
The crag had almost disappeared
The tree up the road looked great from the car window
It was then I saw this small group of starlings swooping around in the sky - heading for the wires and the pylon - a few minutes later they were off and heading for the reed beds at Leighton Moss
On Saturday we had more rain but a little bit of brightness just before dark….

…and on Sunday we had a little rain in the morning and on the way home it POURED!!!!

We are planning on having a bit of time at home, catching up on appointments(both of us) painting the rest of the doors in the hallway, and having some local walks(one of which was this afternoon - I'll try to show you tomorrow - the river is very high after all the rain). Of course, I will be trying to catch up with my blog visiting and having some crafty time too!

Thank you for all of your kind comments, and for visiting me today too, Chris


Helen said...

oh my the rain!! love the photos though, it's created some very atmospheric scenery (not so much the roads home though!)

sheila 77 said...

Sounds like you had a great time and I enjoyed my (virtual) trip, thanks.
Did it rain at all? Hahaha!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I loved seeing the Chinese Dragon and all the fibers hanging in the mill--can't forget the cute wooly lamb! Goodness, that lunch makes me hungry! Thanks for visiting my blog on T Day and for your nice comments!

Linda Kunsman said...

Just goes to show that so long as you are with loved ones and friends (OK, and good food)it's always a good time no matter what the weather is! Those are some great shots of the rain and I especially LOVE the ones when the sky was just starting to break into some color. Your lunch looks absolutely perfect to me-yum! Enjoy the rest of your week and happy T day Chris!

Denise Price said...

Thanks for sharing this trip with us. My favorite detail is the giant HAVE A GO sign. It just made me smile. Happy T Day! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It was wonderful that you and Jo met up. I had no idea you two knew each other. And of course, if Jo was there, there was fabric, yarn, and fiber. What a fantastic place.

Of course, I drooling over the fish. This looks PERFECT. Now I'm really, really hungry and have nearly nothing in the house to eat.

Rain, rain, and more rain made for a soggy post. It was wonderful that you took time to stop and eat. Thanks for sharing this food and tea with us for T this Tuesday. Your husband pours a mean cup of tea!

johanna said...

wow, i love that giant chinese Dragon in the first pic, so colorful! well, the rain... we have too less of it here (which is to my delight, but nature Needs some!) - good to sit warm and have a good meal!
happy T-day and rest of the week!

chrissie said...

All wonderful photographs and a great reminder of our day in Morecambe a few weeks ago though it was very hot and sunny the day we went there.

Your trips are always nostalgic wonders for me-thank you

Love Chrissie xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Wow .. it seems you enjoyed your trip and I enjoyed the photos as well now! Thank you for sahring Chris!

Divers and Sundry said...

After reading your post I feel like I was with you on an exotic trip :) Fun! I'd have thoroughly enjoyed actually being there -even in the mist and rain. Lunch looks great.

Halle said...

Glad you could still have a good time spite of the rain!!

~*~Patty S said...

What a lovely time you had and your lunch does look delicious.
The tea is extra fun with the friendly pour :-)
Speaking of pour...when we visited the UK a couple of years ago we were tickled each time the weather forecaster would "sunny spells". The rain did not bother us at all. Liquid sunshine when you're having a good time.
Happy rest of the week to you you busy lady you!

~*~Patty S said...

Oh and the mill sure looks interesting!!!

butterfly said...

Oh dear - damp but not down-hearted it seems! Love all that neutral coloured yarn hanging there - the mill looks like a great place to visit when the rain is torrential. Lovely tree silhouettes, and I really love the pink glow in the sky... ominously threatening more rain evidently.

I think the disappearing comments thing may be because of the Blogger Captcha game also going on - I get to leave about 6 or 7 comments in a row and then they start demanding a Captcha proof of my non-robothood. Trouble is you click on Publish Your Comment and then it leaps to the top of the pop-up box and unless you scroll down to check you don't see that it hasn't taken the comment. Sorry, long and involved and quite possibly an incorrect diagnosis, but it's been driving me nuts as I wend my way around Craftyblogland!
Alison xx

Pamellia Johnson said...

I love rain, so I am so loving all your rainy photos! I could sit in the rain all day, until my fingers and toes look like raisins! Great shots. Hugs :)

voodoo vixen said...

You certainly made the most of your trip despite the downpours! Loved the photo of the fish and chips... now that is some lunch indeed! Sorry to be so late visiting, the cutting of the kits got the better of my wrist.

Artyjen said...

Great photos even with the rain. xoxo Sioux

JoZart Quilts said...

Thanks again for a lovely day out visiting Farfield. Really enjoyed it and thrilled I got a new ring out of it.. It's ready btw and we were going to collect but so much happened (including D putting wrong fuel in car UGH!) we deiced to have it posted.
Love your trip to the Midland and the KL visit too.
hope to see you soon. Those poppies are only here until 14th Jan!
Jo x