Sunday, 6 April 2014

Goodbye Florence.....

......Hello Rome! After our 3 nights in Florence we caught the train back to Rome! Both journeys were fantastic and a great way to see the countryside!
We had read reviews about the hotel, mainly good but a couple were really bad so didn't know what to expect - we needn't have worried - the people who wrote the bad reviews had clearly been to a different hotel!
On our first walk we walked down towards the Colosseum but finding more interesting sights on the way didn't make it that far! The Rome Marathon had just finished so there were men clearing away near the Forum area. 
We passed down theses steps little knowing that we would end up eating at the Trattoria two nights later and have the best meal we had in in Rome!

It had a lovely atmosphere with lots of what seemed like regulars in  and the food was delicious!
We did of course go to the Colosseum and to the Forum the next day, both fascinating places!

 We were quite lucky weatherwise although we did have a little shower but on the way back we saw this lovely sunset over the city!
The next morning when I looked out of the bedroom window I saw this - a gold statue of Christ above a church whose main doors were on the main road a block down - sadly we never got to look in the church! 
Well, that's it for now - I hope to get back with more before too long!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Redanne said...

Your wonderful photos always transport me to the most wonderful places.........thank you! Hugs, Anne x

Julie Ann Lee said...

What beautiful skies! No paint can quite capture that hue, can it? This brought back memories of Rome for me. I am getting wander-lust now Chris! Julie Ann xxx