Tuesday 15 January 2013

I can manage without you Mr Mojo!

Well, for now at least! 
I started this atc while just playing last week! round to finishing it - the next day! 
I used waxed kitchen paper that was torn from the end when I lined a tin, rubbed over with ink, stamped Crafty Individuals leaves and my lovely wooden bird stamp using acrylic black paint and sat him on some mop-up paper

So, why is it making it's appearance so late? Well, disaster struck!... or at least, I thought it had! I was clearing my craft room of all the stuff that had been dumped in there over the Christmas holidays. While doing that I thought, Hmmm - time for a sort out of stuff I don't use, won't use! So two big boxes and a canvas bag were put in place and gradually filled up (paper, rubbish and recycle to charity)Hubby was on hand to remove the piles at the end of the day, so off some things went to the tip, charity shop and our communal paper recycle bin.
Friday evening I went to fill in the journal squares in my 365/13 calendar journal - horror!!!! nowhere to be seen! turned things inside out, upside down and back to front - I had moved a lot of things to new homes with new storage boxes - it must be in one of those - then worse still - last years was no where to be seen - tears dear reader, huge sobby ones - a whole year - gone!!! Sleepless night - it must have gone to the tip - or - maybe been picked up with old magazines and put into communal bin, so on with the rubber gloves and dive into bin, found our papers but alas no journal! So goodbye beloved journal, that's it, not doing any more calendar journals!!
But hang on! There is a happy ending! 'What?' you say 'surely not?' but having been out for most of the weekend I continued to sort out my "don't use, won't use", all of yesterday and this morning, just I'm coming to the end(well, of the easy stuff anyway) I pick up some paper that I was unsure about and Whey hey!! Whoop!, whoop! and a Hurrah! for that ... my two lovely, precious calendar journals - on my bloomin'  desk all the time, I had put quite a lot on there to sort through as a sitting job and they were my last thing to look at! Hubby was out this morning and I found them about ten minutes before he came home!He wondered why I was so pleased to see him!!!

Thanks for sitting through this rant, but I am soooo relieved!
and Thanks for looking and commenting too, Chris

Oh! and I'd like to enter this little birdy for
Anything but a Card challenge - Things with wings
Happy Daze - recycle challenge


Lindsay Mason said...

Oooh Chris....I can relate to that story after thinking my journal was lost forever last year! Thank goodness you found them. Love the ATC too - really sweet little bird and such a clever idea.
Hugs, Lindsay x x x

Zue said...

Golly, I am exhausted !
Cute little atc and great to use up what's lying around.

patcrafts said...

OMG you poor thing I could just imagine how you were feeling so glad you found them.What a cute ATC also perfect for a recycling challenge I don't think you have lost your mojo. Love your wooden bird stamp. xx

Words and Pictures said...

Oh my goodness... I can imagine the horror - and SO happy there was a happy ending! The ATC is absolutely gorgeous - those mop-up papers and that distressed backgrounds give your work such character...
Alison x

Joanne said...

Thank goodness you found them and the ATC is scrumptious.

Marjie Kemper said...

Oh, Chris, that would've put me over the edge, too. So glad you found your precious books! And I do love that bird on your ATC. Wish the ocean werent' the divider it is...

Sylvia said...

What a sweet ATC, love the little bird.

Christy said...

I do love this little ATC!!! :) The texture is awesome :) Thanks for joining us at Anything But a Card! :) :) :)

Margaret said...

So glad your story had a happy ending! I love the texture and depth on your beautiful ATC! Thanks so much for joining us at Anything But a Card!

Ginger said...

lovely, thank you for playing along with Happy Daze this month. x