Monday 7 January 2013


I just forgot to post this! Well, actually I was a bit late starting and I did take a photo on Saturday but it was in my camera!
So, here's the story - a few years ago the talented Kate Crane started this here journal challenge, well, me having a reputation for being late only joined in in 2011 but I must say it's a great way to record the year's good times(and bad!)and I really enjoy taking part! 
I was in a wintry mood when I started this so carried on with what I had up at the caravan - which meant no snowflakes - so back to something a lot of us used to do many moons ago - folding and cutting snowflakes! I wonder how many started crafting this way!
 I did have my Dylusions mask with me so used shaded lilac distress ink to make the journal squares. The background was made by mixing white acrylic paint with scribbled neo colours on a plastic lid and then scraping on with a 'credit' card I finished it off with sakura pens.
Oh! and here is my finished December page - almost ran out of space to write some days LOL!
I'll have to start February's page soon! Meanwhile I'm making an attempt(really!) to tidy up my craft room - I found my table today - hurray!!
Thanks for visiting, I'm looking forward to making a few visits myself, Chris

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Words and Pictures said...

Love the wintry January - so elegant and pretty and pale!
Alison x